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Sep 2, 2018
Don't sacrifice Mire for a midfield full of runners. 1 player that can dictate and make the game is a must have for me. People are already complaining about how uncreative our mid is, yet talk about taking away the most creative element of it? What?

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How about No? Non of them is better than Mire, different yes, but not better.
pogba isn't really a "runner" and he's more creative than Pjanic. Like I said Matuidi - Kante - Pogba is a WC winning midfield combo. But yeah, Pjanic offers something different from all 3. He playing style reminds me sort of Xabi Alonso in a way. He's not indispensable but his skill-set is valuable.


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Jul 13, 2010
Can someone take over his Instagram, lad posting the biggest garbage of any player, especially when he is on international duty haha

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