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Beppe Marotta Is My God
May 26, 2009
Malaysia has amazing beaches too, as does the Philippines.

Bali has become incredibly commercial, and is deserving of its reputation. If you enjoy diving, there are many other spots in Indonesia and Malaysia as well.
Bali is literally hell on earth. Full of fat, drunk, obnoxious and cheap Aussie bogan tourists. Yuck.
Apr 14, 2005

Yeah. I’m not much of a city guy either. Just where my friend lives. Cebu looks great. :tup:

She said Siargao is pretty great and a good place to surf, so thinking of checking that out if I go.
you fall in love with the place and people
Nov 11, 2012
this is news to me pls explain
Well, let's take Europe. We are seeing a serious demographic crisis through the continent. The local ethnicities have lost their fertility and are living a totally hedonistic life with no faith, values or anything.
Let's take the cucks in Germany for example, can't even stand up for themselves while a bunch of gypsies and nomads are running riot on their people.
Feminism and faggotry are two weapons of mass destruction that have been infiltrated into Europe over time, and not only Europe.
While the man bun rocking Hans and Sven are drinking themselves into a stooper, eating a bratwurst and jerking off to porn a "muhammadin" is out there impregnating a a German lady that lusts after a strong Muslim man.

The Iberians and Italians barely have one child per couple birth rate. Majority of babies born in France and North England are already Muslim or will soon be. I don't think I have to say much about Cuckdinavia.

Russia also follows suit. Soon you won't find an ethnic Russian in Moscow. Russians may have huge numbers and may outnumber the "muhammadins" but more than half of the Russian Orthodox population are elderly and the childbearing number of Russians are not that many in proportion to their total number. And the "muhammadin" will soon outnumber them. Russian women also outnumber their men by dozen million or even more and here again while Boris is drinking and being stingy with meals, Svetlana finds herself an Abdullah or Magomed. A very popular phenomenon where Euro-western woman are longing for Muslim cock.

I don't think I need to cover NA.

If we were to deport and/or kill every foreigner from Russia to North America then those countries would just crumble on the spot and I'm afraid this demographic crisis can't be reversed.

So while the secular, man bun wearing, gender-neutral, chill population is enjoying their hedonistic lifestyles with no values or culture or faith worth fighting for they are quickly being replaced by people who actually have those values and faith that is necessary to sustain a society.


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