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Mar 6, 2003
The strangest thing about Wanda is that she is fucking ugly. It's crazy to think that a young relatively handsome professional footballer would get pussy whipped by such an ugly old hag.
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Piemonte Calcio
Sep 4, 2006
Former Inter director Walter Sabatini claims ‘I’d find a new boyfriend for Wanda Nara’ if Mauro Icardi was still his player.

Sabatini was Inter’s technical co-ordinator between 2017 and 2018, while Nerazzurri fans have blamed Wanda for Icardi’s troubles, which have seen him go from being their captain to not even part of their first team.

“If Icardi was my player, I’d find a boyfriend for Wanda so that she stepped away from Mauro, who’s a wonderful lad and a loving father,” the 64-year-old told Gazzetta dello Sport.
meh it takes two to tango

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