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Release clause?
May 22, 2009
rumors about a 15m extra payment to inda if they resell icardi to an italian club

beppe loves us :heart:
For next 24 months. Do a exchange loan for 2 seasons then between Icardi and Pjanic with obligation to buy when the clause is not valid anymore.


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Jun 9, 2012
Can we stop talking about this guy already? It would be so retarded to buy a 60-70m striker with 10m net wages just to sit on the bench (because, obviously he wouldn't be ahead of CR7 and Dybala, plus he can't play with them at the same time).
Icardi on the bench with Matuidi in the starting lineup would be simply dumb. Just keep Higuain for one more year or if necessary, replace him with someone cheaper who won't bitch about the bench every other week.


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Sep 16, 2003
Who scored around 30 goals in an unfinished calendar season.

They would get paid either way, would gone to Atletico or premier league at last resort. His difficulties are off the pitch stuff with Inter, on it he delivers (gets buckets). Would cost more if not for the baggage.
And if the off the pitch stuff wasn't there, he would still be with Inter. To get 62 million for a player that everyone knew that A) he was not going to be in their plans and B) when they already have a replacement with Lukaku is pretty good business. Especially in what will most likely be a depressed economy in the transfer market this year.
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