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Aug 2, 2005
The problem I have with Conte is that he likes shitty players.

He personally requested Ashley Young, Lukaku, and Moses at Inter.

These kind of players are fine for Serie A but won’t do shit in Europe.
Lol.. no coach like shitty players.
Those are just what Inter could afford
Lukaku went there cause our Dybala said no..

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55k stadium or riot
Jul 13, 2010
oh I love these names being thrown at. Enough with the Italian coaches, huh? Let's bring someone young and exciting


May 3, 2012
If Allegri going to bench Dybala.. let him fuck off then.. would gamble on unexperienced Pirlo anytime before Allegri

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Max was at Juve for 5 years and only in his last he benched him/played him out of position.


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Dec 31, 2002
I wonder if we create a poll of Conte Allegri Pirlo Inzaghi Pochettino - Who would be the winner for next coach (fan`s choice)

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Pirlo to be announced
Yeah heard the rumors - It seems like a huge gamble to go for an inexperienced coach

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