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Jun 23, 2011
Looks better and better and there is so much left. In some time he will look to take on more passes I think, he's still developing mentally and within the team, a lot of the time he gives the ball to Bonbon instead of making the pass himself. It's not bad but I think once his confidence is there he will take up more space and we will obviously benefit from it. My only hope is that everyone outside the club keeps faith in him. Right now he's looking good, but he will make more mistakes and I hope people support him then and don't yell at him. He seems to believe in himself and be very strong mentally - nevertheless he's still young so, no reason to not remind oneself of that.


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May 5, 2004
He should just use Bonbon as dummy play. Looks like want to pass to him but feint instead and going forward and pass the ball to start attack

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