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Mar 6, 2007

How many De Jongs are there?
It's the most common surname in the Netherlands.


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Apr 9, 2015
@DutchJuventino How do you rate de Jong?

It seems they prefer ending up at the same club.
I don't rate most youngsters in Eredivisie, but these are both special talents.
Both future starts.
What I really like beside their football qualities, is that they are sober, self-controlled and no show-offs.
Just two normal guys and they are not the 'new type' of shiny footballers. Down to earth and they are both intellegent (or at least far above the average footballer).

Frenkie De Jong is a creative player/playmaker for Ajax. He is so comfortable on the ball, his vision, his passing.
He is a Iniesta/David Silva type of player, so he would be a good addidtion to our team.

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According 'de telegraaf' it s a done deal between Ajax nd PSG for 75 million. Willem 2 nd RKC, two smaller teams in Holland are also receiving a bit of the money.

De jong is a promising young player but i don t know if this is the right choise.
Could be true, buth Telegraaf is a pro-Ajax newspaper, like Tuttosport is for us.


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Apr 25, 2013
Sounds like Rabiot replacement to me...
They desperately need a midfielder who can defend. They would finally have one in de Jong. Tuchel has been playing an extra CB and/or Marquinhos in midfield to counter that. Ridic team building year after year that keeps exposing their defense. They should get a CDM too on top of de Jong.


Apr 16, 2017
Would like to play Ajax in the CL so this kid can witness our strength 1st hand
If we play Ajax I expect papers to say “Juve Directors met with Ajax directors to discuss potential move”. It’s like teams are very poor and they cant travel to discuss potential deals which cost millions, but they discuss before or after the game.
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