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Jan 11, 2003
He played his intire life in Serie C and B. And he is 25 years old, so i dont think he will be better


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Feb 18, 2001
When he was still young many people thought he'll be the next C.Vieri or even surpass his older brother but years went by and he never became something special.


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Jan 31, 2003
who knows really. When C. Vieri was bought, no one thought he would be as good as he was. and now he is the best in the world.

I still think M. Vieri will be loaned again, along with guzman and a few others who have returned from loan spells.


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Apr 18, 2003
OK guys, lets think...............

Hes 25 and has played his whole career in serie c. Hes just been co-owned to napoli in serie b. His striking record isnt great, more like pathetic. We cant call him a prospect like sculli, zalayeta, olivera or guzman anymore, and to be honest they are all much better than and have played in the champions league, serie a , serie b, scored more than him and are younger! Even trezeguet is 25!

But remember, Camoranesi was 26 when he came to Juventus and he wasnt anything special until he was about 24. So maybe we should just wait and see:eek:


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Dec 24, 2004
Was scratching my head for a moment there. Who? Then someone compared him to Zalayeta and Olivera. Boy this brings memories....

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