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Mario, how many you score next year brat

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Feb 20, 2016
Makes sense, they only have Lewandowski.

Maybe he would have never left if it wasn't for Pep treating him like shit.
To be honest I don't like him going back there. Plus I know they loved him there but I think they'll start giving him shit since he doesn't run as much as before


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Dec 31, 2002
I`ll be sad to see him leave as I think he is our most underrated player as he does so much more than just shoot the ball or head the ball..
He defends very well, he saved us a lot in the past and despite not looking like that sort of player he does provide flair from time to time like that unexpected shot against Real in Cardiff or some nice passes he provides..
It is true that in terms of finishing there are much better than him but he is a fighter and sometimes it feels like he is a mixed defender midfielder attacker in one player.

Anyway we do need the money and wages and he isnt young so it would be a great deal for both parties..

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