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Legend or Rookie?

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Release clause?
May 22, 2009
Remember when Dirk Kuyt went from being a striker to a hard working winger? I feel like this is what Mandzu has become. Great stuff.


Apr 16, 2017
Farca only try for that side once it was obvious Mandzo got tired, AS and Mandzo duo are bossing everyone around them
I'd switch their positions, play Mandzo LB and AS at LW jokes aside, he's a complete player, and his athleticism is insane. One of our counter attacks last night he was completely free, but Cuadrado or Higuain didn't see him to send the cross he was really pissed, but he didn't sulk, he went back and defended like a mad man. It's hard to see these type of players nowadays.


Sep 3, 2006
what a turnaround he has had after a couple of poor months at the start, made that left wing position all on his own with his own strengths and interpretations.

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