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Feb 3, 2007
We still have Buffon, Barza, Bonucci, Chiellini, Marchisio, and Vidal.
I don't think Vidal is a leader as much a warrior. He is not a go to guy because he has a tendency to lose his head. Marchisio maybe, but I think because he has come through the ranks he still doesn't hold as much weight in the dressing room as someone with his kind of international experience would, coming in from elsewhere. Bonnucci again, strong personality, but Chiellini is more a leader, and Barza is a little more passive. The loss of Pirlo and Tevez from a dressing room perspective is immense to be honest. As is Storari and Pepe, who contributed a lot to the spirit of the team. It's sad to think about actually. We are still short of a couple of leaders in the dressing room. Buffon for now, is the only focal point.
Basically I agree with what Baggio said. Vidal is too much of a hothead to be relied upon as a leader when the going gets tough. Chiellini can lose his head as well. Marchisio and Barzagli certainly don't seem to be as big personalities as the guys who have left.

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