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Jul 25, 2001
There's a course in uni with this title and I'm interested in taking it; only it starts in march when I'm in Italy. Go figure.

So I figured I would try out some things myself and take the course in autumn, which is when I think they offer it for a second time.

Anyhoo; I know virtually nothing. I'm familiar with FTP and basic html code to the extent I can edit an already existing site but I would seriously struggle making something from scratch.

So how would you advise me to start? I'm not intending on making a high-tech site filled with flash options, but nothing too basic either. Something in between that's do-able.

Any software programmes entitled "websites for dummies" or something? :D

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Mar 4, 2004
Its very simple, I wouldnt do the course if its a basic 'introduction to website design' or something like that. Waste of friggin time.

Go to this site: and do the learn html"]learn html tutorials so you have a basic understanding of whats going on. Or if you already know that just get dreamweaver or frontpage (get dreamweaver ;)) and save yourself the bother.

Dont waste your time learning frames. They are gay. Just link the pages with standard links for now.
Dont do those dumbass horizontal scroll things.

Get a graphics program. Fireworks or photoshop. Fireworks is alot easier to use and better for webdesign. Create graphics and insert them into your code. Or just slice it up in fireworks and export it as html and images. Sure your code will suck but frankly who gives a shit (apart from Martin:D)

Then take a second step webdesign course if you want to learn more. The first basics ones really are a dumb waste of your life.
If you dont believe me ill send you the lecture notes from the compulsory basic intro to webdev workshop I had in first year uni.

Basically they are just a 'how to use frontpage'.


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Jan 14, 2005
I call it the four step process to fudge any website design assignment.

Step 1.
Hit yourself up two tables and pick some nice colours.

Step 2.
Give the sucker some navigation.

Step 3.
Bang up fireworks and make yourself a nice little header graphic and insert.

Step 4.
Add content and BINGO!

Just say you went for the minimalistic look :D

Works every time.

P.S: No I didnt make that site but you get the idea dont you hehe

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