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Feb 7, 2011
The Tuz-seidon Adventure​


Klin and Bezzy had been packing their bags for weeks, excited about their upcoming cruise on the SS Tuz-seidon. Bezzy had won tickets in a wet t-shirt competition (narrowly beating out SABSAB because of her tendency to wear all of her football tops at once, creating the illusion of boobs), which was coincidentally where she met Klin. It was only fair they go together, and anyway, SABSAB was going to be there too.

As they rolled up to the ship, they were greeted by the captain, Osman. “Welcome aboard!” he said merrily, knowing all the while that the SS Tuz-seidon is really not seaworthy. He had fought all night with the ship’s owner, Fred, who insisted they’d be fine, but still wasn’t so sure.

After some tearful goodbyes, the ship sets sail, en route to New York City, and our cast of characters with it.

That evening, everyone gathers in the ballroom for an opening dinner, followed by dancing. The Reverend Alen is there, trying to convert a couple of boys, Melo and Sheik. Sheik seems particularly keen to dedicate himself to the Lord.

At the captain’s table are SABSAB and her brother Salvo. Sab is hoping to start a dancing career in New York, and Salvo is her agent. She’s still bitter over her loss to Bezzy, who is boozing it up at the open bar, next to Mr Chocolate and adRHCP, who are a couple of lawyers looking for a good time.

In the back, a fight breaks out momentarily between two groups who seem to fighting about who is more attractive, Matri or Quagliarella. Søren Krarup punches Zacheryah and comes to regret that decision. Piotrr and Cuti try to calm them down, but the captain has no time for their stupidity and orders them back down to the boiler room.

X tries to break up the tension by playing a few tunes on the piano, but no one really listens, at which point Klin gets up and suggests they have another wet t-shirt competition. As there are only Bez and Sab present for the women, Quetzatcoatl and ALC decide to enter for the men.

The captain nominates Kyle, Tomice and Lemon318 to be the judges, and the contestants go backstage to get wet.

Bezzy goes first, though is without her 25 football tops this time, and only receives a marginal amount of applause. ALC is next, but alas does little better, and actually causes Fr3sh to throw a bread roll at him. SABSAB is next, and as she and her striking bosoms take the stage, the crowd goes crazy. At the same time, something odd begins to happen in the dining room.

Glasses and plates are tumbling off of the tables, and Voeller and ILiveforJuve come running down the stairs into the ballroom. “She’s going over!” they shout, and the whole room panics. Ze, the first mate, tries to keep everyone calm, but it’s too late, the ship is on her way over.

As the room turns upside down, the captain is thrown from his seat and into SABSAB’s breasts, muttering something about how he told Fred she was too top-heavy, and before long they all find themselves on the ceiling.

Before long there are whispers about, and we learn that this entire plot was hatched by a crazed faction of the mafia called The Society. Even worse, there were members of The Society still among them, who had been instructed to pick off the remaining civilians.

They only had a few days before they’d be completely sunk, but before they could hope to be rescued, they would have to kill off the remaining Society members first.

The Players

Klin - Civilian
Kyle - Civilian (Jailer)
Tomice - Civilian
Gep - The Bodyguard
Alen - Civilian
X - Civilian
Søren Krarup - Civilian
Sheik - Civilian (Jailer #2)
Mr Chocolate - Civilian
- Civilian (Lawyer)
Bezzy - Gangster
Fr3sh - Gangster
Piotrr - Civilian

The Rules

A good rundown of the rules and role functions can be found here, but there are some extra things I’d like to point out.

The stupid plot I have given you in the storyline has NO bearing on what the real roles are. It's just to add some frivolity to the game.

The Daytime will run from 12:00-21:00 CET, as I don’t get up until 12:00 CET. You can still discuss during this time, but any votes for lynching won’t count.

During the Daytime, you should all be posting and trying to figure out who to lynch that day (i.e. try and find the gangsters). To vote for someone to lynch, please put their name in Bold. Only votes cast between 12:00- 21:00 will count.

The Daytime is also when the Gangsters will send me their whack. You should decide amongst yourselves who you would like to whack, and PM me a name before the end of the day. The Jailer can jail someone at any point during this time.

The Nighttime is for the special roles (Detective, Crooked Cop) to get their information. The Detective can ask me about someone during the Daytime, but they will not receive a response until the Nighttime.

NOTE: The special roles cannot use their powers today, everyone is just a normal civilian/gangster and special roles will start tomorrow. You can still lynch someone, though.

ANOTHER NOTE: If you have not received your role, do not say so in the thread. PM me instead.

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Apr 2, 2007
Fuck, again a civilian. This game sucks.

And I told you to put Hoori in :( I don't even feel like playing anymore. My only objective is to whack Sheik and Janna.
I mean, to lynch them.


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Sep 13, 2011
I am a newbie in this game and i want to understand this game fully, please sent me a PM with your roles, i won't tell anyone.


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Apr 2, 2007
If you check the opening posts in all the other mafia games, you will see that at least one of the opening 4-5 posts belongs to a G.

X, Soren, Klin... I'm watching you!

Edit: piotrr


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May 27, 2009
If you check the opening posts in all the other mafia games, you will see that at least one of the opening 4-5 posts belongs to a G.

X, Soren, Klin... I'm watching you!

Edit: piotrr
You'll also find the same posts like yours by experienced players who were Gs in every game's first pages.

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Janna and Zacheryah are the safest ones here. They will never drown due to their huge breasts. Poor SABSAB and X. :(


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Apr 2, 2007
I was half joking, but it's not a bad idea to vote Sheik on day 1.

Just think about it. There is 27 of us, or so. The chances to vote out a G aren't too big. We can do it only with huge luck. Hell, even luck won't help us if we spread our votes. The Gs will make sure to outvote us and put all their eggs in one or two baskets.
That's why we must eliminate the weakest links first. That would be Sheik. If he's a C, we get rid of a jobless loser. If he's a G, even better. The problem is if he's a Bg or the Detective. But that's a really small chance.


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May 6, 2012
Can we please lynch either Klin or Janna? As I see it, it is a win/win situation. This way we won't hear any of their vomit incuding flirting + one of them might actually be evil.

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