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Mar 25, 2009
we had a similar story, you and your big mouth, posts, and searching that PM, all indicated that you are not a G. not 100% but i wanted you as an ally. i wanted one of alc, pitbull or campionesidd to get some votes and start from there. I was a G, no way one experienced guy lets you do random shit. I think i was by far the most obvious C from day one. I wanted the attention to look for G patterns, it is my way of playing the C role. Trying to get a lot of people involved in comments and start from there. if all of us write dull logical things in day 1 no way C's can start figuring shit out. But i promise you this, it's the last time i will post so much in day 1. And as a G said, i got only C votes, because of what? wanting the inactive morons to be kicked the fucked out? And believe me i didn't knew the status thing. It wasn't a thing in my last games.

ps i got caught lying.. but i honestly didn't wrote a single sure all g's had invisible mode on. this post is for all players, all C's who voted me
Please don't, you did good. I think it was much more of a coincidence how the 1st day unfolded then anything else, even the 2nd day with the Kyle lynch was almost identical. Just random but it happens, you played as you should've

I kind of knew you were a C, was far from sure at the beginning but the guys defending you like Klin,Kyle and Maddy made good enough arguments. I think we both have somewhat similar style and went into the first day with similar plan regarding getting reactions. I didn't expect it to backfire like it did with both of us getting that many votes but it was a wired first day.

Btw I believe you did'nt write any PM, but the inv. mode is a thing and I had Monty on day one cause of that only if I wasn't an idiot.

This was my reasoning as I told piotr, I'm sure you had something similar in mind.

I'll be honest, I started the game planing to make as much noise and rattle as many people possible on day one. I didn't know what kind of game we were gonna have at the time :lol:.

I was really thinking that pushing Blondu to see who defends him was a good move, I just underestimated how many people would actually think he is a sure C so I had too many people to focus on, I think it's also played into why I never gave wittl or ADP that much thought on day one. Only after ADP meaningless vote I became aware he was even playing honestly. I also underestimated how many people will go after Blondu, I surely didn't expect Radekas and Sidd starting a crusade out of nowhere and tried to stop them. I had some logic behind it but I really didn't expect that strong of reaction, I was a bit reckless I admit.

I also did'nt think pepole would suspect me for being a G, but that's why I love this game :D. Actually my biggest fuckup regarding Blondu is that I actually had Monty on my sights with his Inv. mode and him being cool as a cucumber but I let him go to get after Blondu thinking I can come back but I totally forgot about him :lol:


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May 2, 2017
Btw I believe you did'nt write any PM, but the inv. mode is a thing and I had Monty on day one cause of that only if I wasn't an idiot.
Hahahah....let it not be said that we G's didnt do anything

Day 1 - after I calmed tomice down about my invisibility thing, I was the first to vote Blondu to kick things off (I later changed to tomice to avoid getting called out)

Day 2 - I said pitbull and maddy should be kicked out for just voting each other...that then prompted pitbull to vote someone else aka Kyle

Day 3 _ I was the first to vote for Pitbull :D

Edit: you dont have to shout loudly to move things along

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