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Oct 2, 2003
I didn't find the time today to write a proper story, so bite me, I'm not a creative narrator :D

Anyway, these are the rules and list of players again:

List of players:

1. @Klin
2. @Völler Whacked - Jailer
3. @Fr3sh - Auto lynched for being the douche that he always is - Civilian
4. @piotrr Whacked - Detective
5. @Kyle Lynched - Civilian
6. @pitbull
7. @Maddy
8. @Monty
9. @radekas
10. @campionesidd
11. @Tomice
12. @Basel93
13. @Wittl
14. @ADP1897
15. @Jethro
16. @ALC
17. @blondu Lynched Civilian

The list includes 4 G's including recruiter and crooked cop, 13 C's including lawyer, detective, jailer and bodyguard. Deadline is 11PM CET time; daytime runs from 10:00AM CET - 9:59PM CET, any votes after 9:59 are not counted. We start tomorrow at 11:00AM CET

- Gangsters can recruit any civilian (except the detective and the bodyguard) any time during the game as long as the recruiter is alive!
- Anyone not posting at least five posts in two days whether consecutive or not will be automatically lynched.

Lynching and The Lawyer:
The player with the most votes will be lynched unless the lawyer saves him/her. The lawyer has to send me their decision to save a lynch target either before or in (maximum) five minutes after the voting is over. The lawyer cannot save him/herself and can use his/her power twice in the entire game.

Whacking and The Bodyguard:

During the daytime, gangsters will send me their whack target. You (G's) can change your decision as many times as you want, I will act on the final decision that you send me (before the voting is closed). The whack target can be saved by the bodyguard. During the daytime, the Bodyguard also sends me their protection target. The bodyguard can protect anybody (including themselves).

The Detective and The Crooked cop:
During the nighttime, the detective can ask me about the role of any player they want. He/she can send the investigation request during the day, but the role of the investigation target will be revealed to him/her only during the nighttime.
Similarly, the crooked cop is allowed up to four times during the whole game to spy on the detective. He/she can let me know either during the day or the night whether they want to spy. The investigated person and his/her role will be then revealed to the crooked cop.

The Detective and The Gun Blazing Mode:

The Detective can use the gun-blaze mode only once during the whole game. This allows him/her to kill any player, regardless of whether or not that player has been investigated. The gun blazing takes the place of an investigation. If the gun-blaze victim is a civilian, the detective role will be revealed to everyone.

The Jailer and The Jailed:
The jailer can jail anyone they want during the daytime. The jailing request has to be sent to me between 11:00-18:00 CET. If/everytime the jailer dies, his/her role will be reassigned.
The person who is jailed is not allowed to post until the daytime is over. His/her vote will not count. The jailed person cannot be whacked but can be lynched (i.e., voted out).

Things you are not allowed to do:
Creating fake accounts, making fewer than five posts twice during the game, talking when jailed, posting in the thread when/if dead, sending/posting screenshots of the role pm I have sent you, editing posts.

Anyone who didn't receive a PM from me within 10 minutes of the posting of this thread, should PM me directly, do not under any circumstance write in this thread that you did not receive your role.

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