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Apr 3, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Roman ] ++
Well here i am and i have to tell you what wonderfull 2 days i have passed!!!


I am a member of an official Juve fan club here in Israel,and we together went to the airport,we were about 50 juventinis.But as we came we found another 250-300 fans there,all waiting for Juve to arrive...of course everywhere were flags,scarfs,shirts and alot of other stuff that painted the hall in black&white...
The security could nothig as we stood just 3 meters from the door they were to come out...and then it's happened...they came out and what have been going there u just should see it,it was crazy,people started to push all otheres just to get close,i think the whole security and police man were not ready for all that crowd.first came Giraudo and Moggi,then Capello,and everybody shouted "FORZA JUVE"BRAVO CAPELLO"...many flashes were in the air,as well as my camera:devil:,i was in 2 meters from all who went out...then came Canna,Appiah...when Dp came out it was a craziness,all the girls started to shout DDEELLLL PPPIIEEERROOO,i shouted to him ALEX TE AMO!he was with 2 guys keeping him away from fans,still he recieved kisses,hugs and etc.:extatic:
when Zlatan were passing(he wore a cute cap on the head with Juve logo)
He looked at me and smiled,i raised my hand to him,and we shooked hands:eek::eek::cheesy:....damn he is so big,tall,strong....when Neddy came out he went exactly through the middlle of the hall where,were all the fans,all the fans started to jump towards him,kiss him,hug him,shake his hair,it was crazy... i found myself standing with the one and the only PAVEL NEDVED hugging him like my brother the time i was with Pavel,he was autoghraps also,i missed on Buffon,but cached Blasi,Tudor,Zala,Kapo...:extatic:

I took a lot of pictures,i'll upload them later.

later we went to their training,it was so damn cool,taking pictures,singing them song,even to Moggi:cool:...:extatic:

and ofcourse the game.....was so touching and sso great to finally watch those guys,who you support for many years and here they are under your nose,and i didn't care for how we played,bad,good,it didn't matter to me,i was there,i saw them,ALEX SCORED A GOAL JUST INFRONT OF ME!

What more can i ask for?

and even we were about 200-300 Juve Fans there,we were visible and ppl heard us,coz we were cheering all the game,never stopped singing,with lost of flags and juve stuff there,a drum also!

after the goal we were sooooo excited that i think all the stadium could hear us...there were about 25,000 Maccabi fans who was mostly quite all the game...

after the goal we sang

i took alot of pictures from the game also,i'll try to upload here the best ones...

So guys i am happy to share here with you,Juve fans the on of the best 2 days in my life. :extatic:
i can feel you...
when i met juve 2 years ago,i was the happiest person alive!


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Apr 3, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Saphire_diablo ] ++
I havent met any football player in my whole life :p
Not even my own country players :p
i have met quite enough.
always great experience.

amazing actually!!!!

and especially in the place where i live i meet quite ofter olympiakos' players....

it's great..
i have met 4 already.


Dec 16, 2003
I met the Liverpool team, Manchester, galatasaray, Villareal, Parma( but they were playing with their 2nd team ) German national team, and soon i'll see the Holland national team:)... all these i saw them here in Romania.

Gino Genesio

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Nov 14, 2004
me juventus and italy

i also met psv,racing genk,real madrid,aek,roma but i doesent care about those team ,a lithle bit roma i am a totti and emerson fan so then i met totti and emerson


Cuadrado is juan hell of a derby king!
Oct 27, 2004
I wanna see too! t-t-t-t-t-t Today Jr. :p
You should've talk swedish to Zlatan. I've met him when he was playing for Malmö ;) unfortunately I didnt get an autograph :( But I talked to him for a little while. He is like you say tall and big/strong.

I wanna see the Pics ;)
Mar 14, 2004
Ive onley met Dinamo players.....beating them on the street cuz of horrible performances :D

Oh,yes,Ive met whole Croatia team a month before winning the bronze in France 1998. Boban was scared of my scnauzer and run away but she(schnauzer) was chasing him all over the park :D


Cuadrado is juan hell of a derby king!
Oct 27, 2004
I've seen Anders Frisk in town ;) when I was shopping :D It was this summer, after the Euros.. He was burnt cuz of the sun in Portugal.

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