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Nov 16, 2001
I don't know what to do with this thread except that is going to be about live music.

I'll start with a list of the best live bands.

1. U2.
I didn't pick them only because they are my favourite band they are not only by me seen as the best live band. Bonos voice is just as good live as it is recorded, perhaps better. They really seem to enjoy being on stage. Many of their songs are perfect for live performances such as: Sunday, Bloody sunday and where the streets have no name. Sometimes their fireworks and stuff can be a little too much but then again it is often really cool. The best part of their concerts is that they are often held outside so they can take more people and well it is alot better. They played on Delle Alpi two years ago and of course Del Piero was there.

2. Chuck Berry
I saw a concert with him on TV about a year ago and it was really awesome. I didn't recognise his name but I recognised almost all of the songs he played. His repertoar is impressive, Reelin' and rockin', Roll over Beethoven and Sweet little sixteen are true masterpieces. He has really influenced todays rockmusic with his amazing guitarskills, his solos are really good his speed is fantastic. He is not only good at singing and playing guitar he can also do some acrobatic tricks which I find pretty cool. He invented "duck-dance" and he can do several acrobatic things while playing guitar which I thought was almost impossible.

3. Pearl Jam
Another personal favourite, Eddie Vedder has one hell of a voice and I often prefer to listen to their live records than the original version. "Evenflow" and especially "Yellow ledbetter" are perfect examples of songs that are better live than on record. Only the solo in "Yellow ledbetter" would be worthwhile the ticket for one of their concerts. They also have some brilliant songs that are pretty hard to play live like "Black" for example. But after ten years on top they have a number of songs to choose from.

I have to leave now but I will increase the list tomorrow or tonight.

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Jun 4, 2003
Rhapsody - last year they performed an outstanding concert in Hungary. Fabio Lione has damn of a voice, he can make you thrill in not time. The effect of the combined symphonical sounds with the guitar are awesome too. Turilli usually give quite of a recital :)

Nightwish - no more comment to this one. Her voice is so high, like that of an opera singer, and it' s such a wonderful sensation to hear it among the bass and drums ...


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Dec 31, 2000
Only been to one live concert that wasn't classical. Incidentally, it was probably better than most concerts one might choose.

Michael Jackson at Dangerous world tour 91. Absolutely spectacular, from a number of angles. First of all, I was a huge fan at the time, secondly the spectacle was very memorable from its artistic side, with excellent audio and visual effects, as well as the music. I recall the repertoire was extensive, both from past times and present songs.


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Feb 18, 2001
And there I was thinking that this thread is going to be about one of my fav rock bands! What a disillusion! :eek: :D


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Jul 14, 2002
I love live music. The main reason is, cause it sounds in so different way, like closer to me. And live concerts show the truth about bands: only the best groups/singers can give great live concert.

My favs ever are concerts given by Queen on tour in 1986: Budapest and Wembley :star:

Sorry I wont write anything more about them, cause I can be shot for talking about them again :angel:

And RnG concerts, given in 1991/92.


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Nov 16, 2001
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    ++ [ originally posted by nina ] ++
    And there I was thinking that this thread is going to be about one of my fav rock bands! What a disillusion! :eek: :D
    I can imagine that they are pretty good live, but they will probably never come to Sweden so I will probably never get the chance to see them.

    Do you mean Guns n' roses Vitoria_Ally?

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