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Jun 9, 2003
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Lippi reveals Azzurri dream
Saturday 27 December, 2003

Marcello Lippi is the main contender to take over from Giovanni Trapattoni and concedes he would love to be Italy’s next Coach.

“To be in charge of the Nazionale is a fascinating proposition,” he told the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’.

“Of course I would love to take this post, but I cannot at this precise moment say where my future will be.”

The race to find the next Azzurri boss was sparked when Trapattoni confirmed he would move on – probably to the German Bundesliga – after the Euro 2004 tournament in Portugal.

Lippi has won every trophy imaginable with Juventus and seems to be in his last season in Turin.

“I could suggest a couple of names off the top of my head, such as Napoli or Sampdoria,” he continued.

“The Premier League is interesting, but I need to speak and communicate with my players, so my poor grasp of the English language would be a problem,” explained Lippi.

“The Spanish Liga is another option entirely, as I have always been curious to experience the football, the cities and the climate out there.”

In Lippi’s time at Juventus he has won five Serie A titles, a Champions’ League trophy, European and Italian Supercups and a Coppa Italia.


So it seems it's true... if Trap said he's resigning after Euro 2004 and Lippi that he wants to coach the NT, we'll have to look for a new coach for season 2004/2005

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Dec 16, 2003
hi guys, i wish lippi would stay with us cuz he is really brilliant, and to have new coach , that would take time for the players to get fit with him, i also remmber after the manchester crash with milan , he declared the he would leav if juve wont win the CL in 03-04...


Jul 15, 2002
Del Neri would be something. Fancy Juve with all guns blazing! I like his style although he balances this out with a lot of fouls.
Dec 27, 2003
If the FIGC hires Lippi that will mark a turning point in their rather austere coach recruitment policy. Since the Sacchi experiment, the FIGC had indeed decided to only go for confirmed yet financially affordable coaches (Maldini Sr, Zoff, Trap), making it clear that Capello or Lippi's somptuous wages did not correspond to their philosophy.

I wonder if a coach that gives so much importance to the compactness of his squad would be fit for the job though. I personally would like to see someone like Mancio sitting on the squadra bench. Maybe he would re-create that happy-go-lucky atmosphere that there was at Sampdoria in 91 and that was one of the secrets of their success. Of course he might have to hire Popeye Lombardo too as the team's new mascot and chief joker.


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Sep 3, 2002
I love Lippi, he has bonded his name with Juve, but i also love Italy i'd like to see him at some point take over, if it is now, well so be it. Vialli and Didier would be welcomed here, although they don't have much experience, they are Juve boys, it would be excellent.

Making statements like this, i Lippi is senting a message to the Football Association(sp?) he'll probably get the job, being a respected coach

Roll on World Cup 2006!


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Mar 26, 2003
honestly, i think juve need a change in coach. i love lippi, but if he moves to the Azzurri, it would be for the betterment of both juve and italy! Italy would have a magnificent coach, and lippis style of play is really necesary for national teams, becuase he knows how to utilize his players, and in big tournaments like euro and world cup, he can control his squad and keep them fresh. But for juve, his style is too cliche. We need something new, someone that will give juve that extra twist. ALL PROPS TO LIPPI THOUGH. I LOVE THE OLD GUY!


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Jul 12, 2002
Arash,imho lippi's mentality fits the juve team and style perfectly.he's made for coaching this juve team,really.

though coaching the azzuri would grant him his wish of having more time to spend with his grandson....


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Dec 31, 2000
In that Gazzetta story, they analyzed the chances of the pretenders that Lippi mentioned. This is how Gazzetta sees the candidates:

Del Neri - 40%
Vialli - 30%
Deschamps - 20%
Guidolin - 5%
Prandelli - 5%

I would tell you what it says but sadly my Italian isn't up to it. :D


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Jul 14, 2002
I like the first three options, with Deschamps and Del Neri topping my list. It'd be great to see Juve with the attacking mentality that Didier and Luigi pumped into Monaco and Chievo respectively. Maybe DD could bring Evra and/or Giuly to Turin.


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Jun 9, 2003
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    Vialli??? Why the hell would we want Vialli? Personaly I think Didier is a more probably option than Vialli, as he has done more. IMO Vialli hasnt proven himself in Chelsea and Watford

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