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Apr 17, 2013

Rudi has already started with the excuses. I don't know how can someone sane choose Garcia over Blanc.
0-0 against the incredible Dijon at home. I did not even know the match was today, but has he already started ? It is true that it has rained today in Lyon maybe that the ground wasn't good.
This slut has been greeted by whistles and a banner. "Garcia, our patience will be equal to the respect you showed to the club: none." It starts badly and it will end badly. Anayway there is such a point of no return since his behavior at Roma, he disgusts me so much that every time he speaks I prefer to zap than to annoy me.

Blanc, it's been 4 years that he hasn't trained, to wait desperately for a great European club come to take him, but no one is interested. Instead of revisiting his ambitions to the downside, he preferred to stay unemployed and play golf than to take a job. According to the media, his interview was misplaced, he has a reputation for being little involved ( many people say that these successes in Bordeaux and Paris are due to Jean Louis Gasset his deputy). But even with that, you always take anyone before this big slut, there is a rumor Lucien Favre, but unfortunately with Aulas we are often disappointed.

Aulas is not crazy but win isn't his priority, FC EBIDTA has a football stadium, an entertainment resort and soon a basketball arena to pay. He understood that with Qatar, lyon would no longer be able to win the championship (Montpellier and Monaco did it) so he is content with a place on the podium( money from CL) and how much he will make money on the sale of Dembele and Aouar during the next transfer window. The players do not care about the club too they know that they are just passing through and the mediocre coaches keep coming as long as they finish in the top 3.

It's an entire ecosystem and mentality that need to be changed.

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