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Apr 14, 2013
Fab maybe declared interest in Darmian so Beppone would fall for it and get him. :fab2:
i certainly prefer we stay put, but weird how we tried sending him to Bologna, then Max said no, then we tried signing Darmian and again Max said Spina stays. you might have picked up a clue. we are plotting something, either for us or for inda


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May 26, 2009
He was on the field for 5-6 mins and was making nice runs and getting involved. Dude is very athletic too, good speed and seems super fit. Hope he does stay, he’s earned his move here after two very good seasons at Atalanta.


Beppe Marotta Is My God
May 26, 2009
I don't get why we are loaning him. He's not 18 years old. We are trying to win the CL. We need as many good players as possible at our disposal. Is he supposed to be our future at LB next year after we just re-signed Alex Sandro? I don't get it. Isn't he still going to be a backup anyways? Cancelo/MDS on the right. Alex Sandro/Spinazzola on the left. E fatta.

You can play him on the midfield flanks as well if you need to late in a match. Or pretend one of Cancelo/AS is hurt and you are starting MDS. What is the backup option there if you need to chase a goal? Darmian? Bernardeschi?

Spinazzola is so versatile, I bet he will have way more utility in the latter stages of the season.
:agree: it’s madness to loan him out. He was actually Italy’s starting LB (and played very well there) before his injury. His versatility will come in handy as well, and we know Allegri loves a good utility player.


Sep 4, 2006
I like the bits i've seen of him. Tall, white Cuadrado with a little less technique :p

I have to imagine the only reason we would loan and replace with Darmian is there are real concerns inside the camp with his short term fitness as well as, heading into the crucial parts of the season, readiness to be a part of the team after having sat out so long. If it is loan and not sale then we obviously still want him.

Have to say I'm liking our fullbacks these days. Two bosses in AS and Cancelo and two reliable, versatile Italians who can fill in on either side.


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Sep 1, 2017
I never lose arguments :numnum:

I might just be the most feared debater on this forum. Player statistics, heatmaps, xGoals, YouTube videos... I have it all. I can disprove you in 100 different ways and that's just with my bare computer.:calmark:

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