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Apr 14, 2013
Barca won their game 4-0 or something during that game, Real won it in a pretty dramatic fashion
5-1, they were raping their opponent and Real was behind i think half way through the 2nd half. At home. Then Reyes came in and scored 2/3 of their goals to win 3-1. Was weird to me that they let him and Capello go after that. They were underdogs that season and it was a huge win, but also end of an era as the last galacticos left them (Carlos and Beckham). Then Schuster came and they bought half of the dutch NT

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Lucky-ass Real won it by a head-to-head (or goal difference, not sure).

RIP, Reyes.
Head to head, 2-0 in Madrid and the 3-3 game where Messi scored a hattrick and van Nistelrooy 2 goals


Mar 23, 2015
reports say that reyes was speeding at 237 km/h when he had a puncture that caused the accident. the car caught fire, a passenger died, an other severely injured.


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Mar 16, 2013
Let's see how seriously it's taken giving the clubs involved, the $$ at stake, the league, the country and it's bigotry and hipocrisy
And people pretend that match fixing and corruption exists on in Italian soccer.
Authorities in England and Spain sweep these things under the rug to make their leagues look clean.
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