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Feb 17, 2016
So, how coman has been this year?.
Injured most of the time, and else he havent shown much really. Still think Bayern use the option to buy, but i got a hard time beliving he will ever be just slightly as good as Robben and Ribery. Sure he is still young and can develop a lot, but i just doubt he will be much better than what he shows now.


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Jul 12, 2011
Straight swap.

Arsene loves them young french players.
Bayrn would be idiota to let us do that
Beppe is gonna finesse them so hard, both Arsenal and Bayern.

Step 1:
Make Vidal miss Juve, by making BonBon and GiGi text him daily, keep him on juve whatsapp chat just to make him talk about Juve non stop while in Bayern.
Step 2:
Vidal reminisces on good days with Coman, but Coman never had good days here, so just makes him happy seeing Arturo happy, so Coman second guesses Bayern
Step 3:
Make offer for Costa and not Coman, make Coman jealous :beppe:
Step 4:
Allegri flirt with the Coman, tells him we will conquer England together
Step 5:
Coman returns.
Step 6:
Allegri tell Coman go to Arsenal, I'm right behind you. You become what Pogba was suppose to be. Coman make adidas commercial
Step 7:
Beppe finesses Arsenal, Alexis+12 million and a pack of caramellos for Coman :beppe:
Step 8:
Allegri win treble with Sanchez at Juve
Step 9:
Pogba joins Coman at Arsenal.

Summer 2017.

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