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Apr 17, 2013
Aren't there any RBs in Portugal or France?
In France the revelation for RB this year is youssef atal from Nice. Interesting player looks like cancelo offensively but needs to improve in defense. It's expensive , Nice is asking for 30 million for a player who has achieved his first season in France, not enough certainty to pay that price.

Personally I have a soft spot for Lazzari from SPAL, a kind of cancelo technically on less strong and will always be better than wasting on this useless Trippier


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Dec 15, 2017
No real weaknesses?

Poor positioning and often caught up the pitch without the pace to get back, prone to lapses of concentration, incapable of beating anyone in a 1-2-1 situation.

Trippier is a decent enough right-sided midfielder. The late 1990's Beckham type in a flat 4-4-2. But he is a liability as a modern RWB. I'd love Spurs to sell, but really ... DO NOT BUY.

Also, good against rubbish opposition. Poor against good opponents. Okay at taking free-kicks and corners.

Worst player in Spurs' XI.
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