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The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
well, its great news for atletico, they got javi moreno and jose mari too? both fantastic players that didn't really get a fair go of it in the red and black


Senior Member
Sep 21, 2002
i don't think he will be the idol because he is from uzbeckistan.
but he is young and with us from his beginning of his career.

i think he is near 17 years old and he play in the primavera. his name is zeytulaev:


Senior Member
Jul 17, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Majed ] ++
yeah...maybe so...

i like J.Zanetti.....though i only have a soft spot for Inter because Baggio played for them.
which pretty much mean you have a soft spot for everyone ;)


The Grimreaper
Jul 12, 2002
People,people!! we are losing the topic of the treath!!!:D

I think Sculli and Gasbarroni are the next big thing in Juve...
However, this is relative, a few years ago if you would ask me this question I would said Rigoni, and now I don't even know where he is or even if he still plays:confused::confused:

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