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Jul 17, 2002
++ [ originally posted by espectro ] ++
People,people!! we are losing the topic of the treath!!!:D

I think Sculli and Gasbarroni are the next big thing in Juve...
However, this is relative, a few years ago if you would ask me this question I would said Rigoni, and now I don't even know where he is or even if he still plays:confused::confused:
I'm still hoping for Rigoni to get back to his best! I think he's recovering to yet another knee-injury! Gasbarroni will be great... No doubt


Jul 15, 2002
For Juve - D'Allesandro or maybe Cavenaghi ..... far fetched yes - Possible, I can only hope :D

++ [ originally posted by Alex ] ++
Also a keen admirer of Ajax' Trabelsi! :cool:
I saw this guy at the WC and he was so :cool: So I decided to follow him up at Ajax and I must say am impressed by the he handles defence & attack. He's something alright :thumb:

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