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Sep 28, 2002
roverbhoy - 8
lac - 8
ian - 8
erik - 5 not tough enough
serge - 8
nick - 1 :undecide:
weasel - 10 for pleasure people get from his tongue
fab - 8
paul - 8
egyptian - 1
zlatan - 1
liliana - negative
graham - 5
mac - 2 (ffs, radiohead not good enough for you? MY ASS)
emma - 6


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Jul 14, 2002
Erik - 10
Martin - 10
Ian - 10
Fabi - 10
Fli - 8
Hydde - 8
Graham - 9
Lili - 7
Lac - 8
DJ - 9
Padovano - 9 (gotta love sheep)
denco - 9
Incubo - 7
Don Bes - 8
Arif - 8
Egyptian - 8
John #10 - 10
Emma - NO MARK

As I was once told, getting a low mark is better than getting NO MARK ;)

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
emma we did? thats weird. i think i have short term memory loss. *goes to blockbusters and rents 'memento'. AGAIN*

erik- odd but nice? what am i, a foreign dish or something?

Martin - 6.5 You scare me enough not to rate you too low. You also scare me enough to rate you a 6.5 and not a 10. I dunno man, your scary.
Erik - 8 Major flattery man, major flattery ;)

Dj Juve 7 I like him better now that he comes and goes. whats he called now?
Graham - 7 Simply because he's a Christian like me. Birds of a feather, biatch ;)(pad keep off of this one)
fabiana - 6 She's cool and ALWAYS online. Always there to talk to if needed. blah :rolleyes: :D
Hydde - 8 Much respect
nina - 7 Female mod. Nuff said.
Ian - 8 Where is he?
Stuart - 7 Im jealous of child prodigies. But since your cool with me i gave you a +8.
Josh - 1 Everybody loves him. Why?? Theres nothing special about this cvnt. I should go to his house and piss on his corpse.
Zlatan - 6 Never figured him out. Mysterious
dpforever - 6.5 I dont know you enough. Thats a good thing for you :D
BloodOnMoral - 6 Great handle :thumb:. And you dont post here anymore :thumb: jk
Nekton 5 He left sadly.
JKane - 7.5 Didnt quite leave ;)
Mac - 8 Confident enough of his masculinity to wear girly avatars. Gotta respect that confidence. I love your style.
Vilhelmas - 9 Two words. Fu. Cker :D
Torkel 8 Nothing but respect. Not even sure why though :undecided:
mikhail - 6 Random quote: Chillin like a villain.
IncuboRossonero - 11 Anyone who actually studies and does research before entering a Juve forums specifically to diss the club deserves respect :thumb:. On par with ONLY Lilianna.
K10 5 I wanna see your flp files fvckah
Bongiovi 8 Holland fan :cool:
Mrs Mac 9 For rating me so high. And...yeah....getting along so...uh...well :D :p :flirt: (Mac has just been overtaken by Schum...Josh)
Padovano 8 Never serious when I need you to be. That frustrates me, yet makes you cool for some reason.
Andre 3000 7.5 Too much drama man. But you still scored high for being uproariously obnoxious. Like me in real life.
HWIENIAWSKI 5 Seriously weird. I mean who names their kid Henry in this day and age anyways? :D jk
Vicky 9 Man I love her. And her indecency is brutal.
John Ali B 9 James Bond aint got nuthin on this mutha****a.
Jun-Hide 5 Come back fool!
Spartacus 4 Eat a hamburger.
Greg 8 Where the hell are you?
Sarah 8 I like Sarah. She's really cool.(wow how creative of me)
Majed 7 Wheres that ignore button?
Lilianna 11 Hilarious! Ho ho ho.........(bwahahahahaha)
Vitoria 5 Wont talk to me any more? Fine. :D
Shadowfax 7 We dont talk. Enough said. :D
Elke 7.5 Supercool. FORZA C ZENONI!!!! :howler:
Tom 5 Obnoxious cvnt. Plus he hates me and my guts.
sallyinzaghi 7 You have facial hair :D
iceblu 6 catching up to my drawing skills fast man ;) a few more years and you'll be as good as me if not better.
glenn 7 Musicians man!!!(as if anyone cares :D)
febrina 6.5 anna is cool.
Anders 6 kaliman :LOL:
denco 7 blah :D

If I didnt mention anyone its because I love you too much to rate you. Edit: DAMN TAGS AND MISTAKEN ANDRE 3000 RATING :groan:


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Mar 4, 2004
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    ++ [ originally posted by Josh ] ++
    emma we did? thats weird. i think i have short term memory loss. *goes to blockbusters and rents 'memento'. AGAIN*
    Hey i didnt say we were best friends or something. But you were one of the few i liked when i first came here :D
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