Juventuz Player of the year 2003 (1 Viewer)

Juventuz Player of the Year 2003

  • Buffon

  • Davids

  • Del Piero

  • Ferrara

  • Montero

  • Nedved

  • Tacchinardi

  • Thuram

  • Zambrotta

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Jul 28, 2002
gigi...imo can now be considered THE BEST in the world....top season fo rgigi,, i jus hope he gets even better


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Jul 25, 2001

He's played a bit of an underdog role, everybody was saying how Nedved and Davids rule the midfield, but everytime one of those two were injured, Tacchi stepped in to fill their places ánd do his own job as good as possible.

Such devotion deserves a vote! :touched:


The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
Its between Tacchinardi Thuram and Nedved for me, I'll plump for Thuram since he's improved so much from last season


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Dec 13, 2002
Hard one... :eek:

My fave's this season was Buffon, Thuram and Nedved. I couldn't decide... All of them have been extremly important, so I went with who I thought would get the least votes of of thoose three. I voted for Buffon, which was a mistake...

All the "Buffon nutters" ;) :D in here are probably gonna vote for him.. But what the hell... he deserves it.


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Apr 21, 2003
Nedved is the obvious choice. Maybe the poll shold have been "Who's the 2nd best player of the year?" :D


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Jul 14, 2002
Buffon, Thuram, Ferrara, Tacchinardi, Davids, Nedved, Del Piero... hell, alot of our players have been excellent, but for me it has to be Neddy with Thuram coming second.


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Nov 16, 2001
Zambrotta of course, in my eyes he was our best player. I haven't got time to explain why.
I can't understand what Montero is doing in this list, he was maybe our worst player.

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