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Dec 31, 2000
Hello all,

I've decided it's time to disband the Juventuz Network. I've kept it going
because I thought at some point in the future the project would be revived,
maybe new sites would come in and hosting problems would diminish. I no
longer see a future in this project. There are a couple of reasons why the
network never fulfilled its potential. First there is the issue of the
webmasters who get tired of the game and abandon their sites. This has
happened a lot, I have done it with Zizou Planet (even though that one was
never a hit), Nedved Online has been left to its own faith but noone has
done it more than Roberto with Tutto Del Piero. After a good run with Buffon
Online, Mac decided to call it a day and the site has only survived thanks
to a new owner. Another problem that has plagued us to no end is hosting
troubles. I have been involved with several hosts who showed little
cooperation and I've always seen to my site as top priority. It has often
been hard getting just what I needed, not to mention seeing to the needs of
the network sites. A good host is a very rare occurence and we've had a
couple of the really bad ones. I will also say that my service to you has at
times been egregious.

At this time most of your sites are either practically dead with no updates
and little traffic or in fact doing well. Camoranesi and Zambrotta are both
sites that have dedicated owners, while Buffon Online is run by a new owner.
I apologize for the inconvenience to you but I don't see a point in keeping
it going anymore. Zambrotta has been offline for a while now, since Juventuz
got moved to a different server. I have tried to get it back up but I've
received no response from the host. That only reinforces my decision to call
it a day. I hope that those of you who are active today keep it up because
your sites are great but I no longer wish to be involved in this. I have
already tried to downsize my involvement and I asked Buffon Online to find a
new host once Mac quit because apparently the new owner wanted to make money
off his site. Steen tried to convince me to keep the site on the server
because moving it would be a pain, we tried to arrange a system where he
would cover the expenses to host his site but that never worked out.

Sarah and Anders, I hope you keep it up, you're both very good at what
you're doing and it would be a shame to close down. I hope Steen will keep
Buffon Online open since there is a community of fans who enjoy that site.
For the rest of you, I'd like to thank you for being a part of this, at some
level you must surely feel that I have failed you but there have been many
factors at play here and while I wish I could have done better, there have
been things outside my control that have undermined this network, like the
lack of sites in the first place, the hosting problems and inevitably the
lack of dedication on my part and on part of the webmasters.


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