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Jun 9, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Erkka ] ++
So here comes my Juventuz:

Starting 11:

GK: Padovano, since he's got the fastest hands around, no wonder because he trains a lot... Wanker... :D

DL: Finnish proverb says that left-back is the dumbiest player on the pitch, so maybe this is the place for someone who's name I'm not going to announce... :D

DR: Graham, Zambrotta-type of player, a constant threat with his superb crosses... Real gentleman-type...

DCs: Sergio and Ian, they have the strongest arguments around here, so it's a strong combination... British style... :cool:

DM: Easy choice, Paulo_Montero gets this place, a true fighter, hard as a nail...

AM: River, since she can twist things so easily, she'll get ahead of those slow defenders easily... Pretty selfish though, not really that good playmaker... :D

Wingers: Stuart and Arif, they bring freshness to the pitch, fast feet will get them anywhere...

Strikers: Mikhail, Baggio already mentioned why...

...and Martin (C) maybe he shouldn't even be a starter, but he is the symbol of the club and sometimes shows a tiny bits his true talents... Sometimes the bench players blame him for everything... And he is very injury-prone...


Zlatan: our back-up GK, he's a real veteran and is always around even the meaningless extra-training session... Really popular in the dressing room, he'll probably retire to our non-playing staff later...

Jun-hide: DC, the old reliable, one of the team members who are really legends in here, really important for the youngsters... Maybe a bit slow, but he compensates that lost with his awesome positioning...Probably our future manager since he seems to know everything about football...

Vinman: Striker, Strong as an ox, good finisher, but his temperament keeps him on the bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John#10: Can play nearly in every position, is strong and reads the game well, but his cynical attitude may cause some problems...

Desmond: MC, young talent, definitely a future starter, has pretty good skills allready in every section, but there is still the last bit to improve in every area of his game...

Non-playing staff:

Doctors: Fliakis and Elnur, these drunks can surely offer some healing "potion" to the players... :D

GM: Torkel "the guru", fans have a love/hate relationship with this man, but he keeps Juventuz in the way of success nearly every year...

Coach: Juventino, great social skills and incredible knowledge about football in general makes him a perfect coach for Juventuz... He can keep even the possible primadonnas in order...

Awwww :frown:

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Jun 9, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Andy ] ++
Juventuz Football Club

Starting 11

1 Ian

2 Stuart - 6 Vinman - 5 Sergio - 3 Arif

7 Gray - 10 Andy - 4 Tom - 11 Majed/Zlatan

9 Mikhail - 8 Fliakis


Majed, Don Bes, Padovano, Errka, and Baggio

Coaching Staff:



GK- Ian: Always knows whats coming his way and has all the tools to defend his stance. Also, not afraid to yell to the backline (Sergio) to stop focking around. :D

RB- Stuart: Seems to be quick with in all aspects of the game, and knows when to move forward or to just sick back.

RCB- Vinman: This guy is just plain scary. Period :D

LCB- Sergio: Another tall guy who will strike fear into opposing attackers. Knows everyway to cut down opponents challenges. Also, opposing strikers will get pissed off with Serge's lack of respect, infuriating comebacks. :D

LB- Arif: Another speedster who will do a nice job of coming forward.

RW- Gray: This guy has the tools to be the best winger in the world. Fast, smart, and incisive, Gray can just run circles around the opposition. Not to mention his help from above, and calm demeanor. Don't worry about endurance, this guy is here all the time practicing. :D

CAM- Andy: Self explanitory. Best passer on the team, without a doubt. Maybe a bit hot-headed at times. :D

CM- Tom: Not afraid to take risky challenges, and tell it like it is. Quick and decisive, the perfect partner in midfield for me.

LW- Majed: He's got the pace, flair, and temperment to be an upgrade to Christiano Ronaldo. :D
LW- Zlatan: Pesky little guy who will make you give up after a while. This #11 is too cool for school, following in the footsteps of Denilson, C. Ronaldo..... :D

F- Mikhail: Who else really? General consensus is that he is perfect for the spot. Clinical, decisive, and deadly.

F- Fliakis: This guy doesn't care how he gets the job done, he just gets it done. Not much flair or style, just a rugged SOB who strikes fear into the opposition. Move over Rooney??? :D

Notable subs:

Pado: If Sergio is having a bad match, we send this guy out to ahh, cheer him up a little. :D

Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: Martin- The master who keeps the team running. Knows the ins and outs of the game, which make the team succesful. :)

Assistant: Jun-Hide- This guy has a penchant for making the right comments and expressing the right ideas, especially on the mercato. Certainly a great descision maker who can add insight to the team.

Don't worry ladies, I'll do an all female team later. :)

EDIT: Torkel: is Ian's replacement, since Ian isn't always reliable to show up around here. :D

Since you also put Majed as a sub, that means I'm in the first 11 :cool:


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Jun 9, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Desmond ] ++
My Starting Eleven

---------------------Ian ------------------
--Vinman --Tom--River --Fli ----
-------------Respaul (C)----------
---Anders -----Zlatan -----Graham -----
-----------Stuart ---------Mikhail ---------

Ian - Tall, Experienced veteran who never lets the ball get out of his sight. Marshalls his defence like schimeichel and defends the goal like a bulldog.

Vinman - Nobody's getting past this guy without a broken leg.

Tom - Hard as a rock with tireless running.May have three lungs.

River - Adds a much needed feminine touch to this bad-ass defence:D

Fliakis - Nbody's getting past this guy without a broken leg and a couple of profanities about their wife and children(J/K mate;))

Respaul(C) - I'd like to see the ref win an argument over a red card over this one.

Anders - A nuisance to defenders with his darting runs and indirect passes at and through the defence.

Zlatan - A born playmaker.A tad inconsistent,but classy nonetheless.Known for his precise through balls.

Graham - Ever present on the wing,he sprints up and down the left from the first minute to the last.Never dives,never fouls.

Mikhail - He'll score as many chances as you give him.

Stuart - A mercurial support forward who loves to drop deep and exchange passes with everyone.


Martin - Always there for those dreaded penalty shootouts,he's the man to bring on at the end of extra time.

dpforever - Adds a new dimension to the attack,but tends to go missing sometimes.

John - Replaces just about anyone on the field.A real john of all trades.

Jun - Famed for his loooooong passes,if you need to get a couple of crosses into the box in the dying minutes of a match he's your man.

Sergio - Loves to come on when the team is down.Never short on confidence,loves making fun of the opposition with his clever footwork.


Nekton - A firm believer in the use of technology. Always calling for video replays whenever the team gets a bad call from the ref.;)

Aww, you guys are giving me an ego... :D

++ [ originally posted by Majed ] ++
I demand a starting role Andy!! I'm your C.Ronaldo #11 ... Zlatan's too short for that! :D
I'm 178 cms (5' 11") :(

++ [ originally posted by Majed ] ++

*Zlatan is very talented, but he often storms out like Cassano. He needs much attention.

I resent that coach, I'm a team player :sad:


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Jun 9, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Stuart ] ++
GK: Torkel - Always alert, has fantastic reflexes.

RB: Desmond - The intelligent full back who knows exactly when to get stuck in, go forward, and cover one of his teammates.

CB: Tom - As tough as they get, don't show him too much of the ball because you'll regret it.

CB: Serge and Vinman - These two beasts are used in squad rotation. See Tom.

LB: Graham - The comparison to Zambrotta is uncanny. Easily the most consistent player in the team, as well as the fittest. Makes telling runs down the flank overlapping with the left winger, and before you know he's back in our defensive third doing the dirty work.

DM: Paul - World-class player. Reads the game brilliantly from his holding midfield role and uses his brain when distributing the ball. Unfortunately for the team he thinks he's too good for us and storms off the pitch during training sessions.

RM: Arif - This kid's a real talent. He uses his youth to advantage by getting down the flanks mainly thanks to his pace and whipping in dangerous crosses.

LM: Denco - The team's other world-class player. It's a real bummer that our two best players have issues. One is like Cassano, this one is like Totti. He tries to make decisions that just aren't his to make. If Paul isn't interested then neither is he which is a great shame because his precise passes and darting runs are nothing short of brilliant.

AM: Jun - No one plays a better long ball than him. His visionary passes are superb, and he's not afraid to have a go from distance.

CF: Mikhail - Capable of inspiring the rest of the team with his technical class. Loves to run at defenders but at the same time knows when to release the ball. A great support striker.

CS: Zlatan - It's really simple, don't give him any chances because he'll make you pay.


Andy and Majed deputise for Paul and Denco respectively when they're unavailable.

Fliakis is the back-up striker.

Fahad is an extremely talented midfielder but can tend to drift out of the game from time to time. His inconsistency keeps him out of the first team.

John is a utility player, capable of operating anywhere.

Manager: Ian - Fantastic tactician.

Assistant Manager: Nekton - As Desmond said, a firm believer in technology. The squad always know what they're up against as they watch numerous videos under his guidance.

Transfer Guru: Martin - He does a great job with transfers and ensures that the club's finances are under control.

Main Scout: Erik - Currently scouting Holland for promising youth.

I'm :cool:


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Jun 9, 2003
++ [ originally posted by blackmint ] ++
Thats it. Whats it gonna take to get me into the starting eleven???

Im quick, i did 100 m in 19.5 (or something like that) seconds, Im not sure.. But im quick!
Im a good goalie.. Ive got an EIGHTY kilometer powerful shot! (when measured). i play football everyday i can.. What more do you want in a player!?
Dude, that aint really that fast. I guy I trained with went like 11 seconds for 100 meters.

19.5 is pretty slow.


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Jun 9, 2003
++ [ originally posted by John #10 ] ++
The team :D



Manager: Mikhail
Staf: torkel, erik,Dpforever.

GK :Ian#1 obviously, there is only one man for this position, the man who will defend his corner (vds) till the very end..a hugely experienced chracter who will fill his role with wisdom and leadership.

Defence: : The good, the bad and the ugly.

Vinman#3:clearly the badass hardman...police brutality is nothing in comparison to vinman.

Paul#2:some may say he is the most feared of all poster, his posting destroys any challenge made on his threads...the godfather of the dfence.

Tom#4: like his idol, this guy wont shy away from a challenge, and never hides his feelings on players and other crap..who else could fill the monty role?

Stu#7: a stalwart of the team, once a youngster, but quickly scale the ranks. This guy can defend and attack in equal measure, and will endlessly post with class..the cafu of the team.

Josh#5:an enigmatic legend who has gone awol..bes came a close second for this position. like stu, these guys were monster posters, josh could post on any subject form transfers to the latest electromusic with equal convinction...a great wingback..rambo's heir naturally.

Defensive/Central Midfield

Gray#8:without doubt the engine room of the team...this guy does more miles than a NASA deep space probe. He organise the teamwith ferocity, ready to close down any rogue threads, but also imesnly talented at organise new threads...the heart of the team...what would it be like without him???

Jun#6:in every midfield partnership,the players compliment their partners...so pefrectly bouncing off grays mass post, jun's few but quality posts provide long accurate inteligent posts, giving thread life but also class, food for predators like z to feed off. His classy long posts are a unique trademark to this classy player.

Martin#70 (10s worn by none other): what more can be said?? the creator of the team, a legendary figure in the world of football forums, his technical knowledge and ability is second to none. Shame his showing of class are becoming a rare site, but also often goes totaly awol leaving town, and his staff to run the show...but his legendary past will always get him a place....del piero eat ur heart out.

Zlatan#9:A true character of the forum, often the bad boy, but still a hero to all, will always produce the goods and can be depended to score with class posts.
Zlatan #9.......perfect match.

Arif #11:every team needs a Mr Consitancy....and arif consistantly produce class post, with littl fluctuation in form... a great partner for Z.

luckily this team has a heavy weight bench.
Bes:narrowly missed out to josh, otherwise would have been a major stalwart to the team...surely the manager has a problem on his hands with him on the bench

Des: Well, this guy is my john of all trades, relegating the number ten to the reserves.With superior quantity, a figure off class, wherever he posts.....shame about the bati avatar m8 :D

Blakmint: the only other keeper, with more attitude than most, this guy will be a star one day.

Erkka: Another worldclass youngster...surely pushing the strikers for a place.

Majed: A world class poster on the bench...its like having zidane on the real bench...shouldnt happen.

FLi and Hydde: A great duo who can play wherever they feel like with class and humour..the ladies favourites.

Manager : Mikhail.....my namesake, a true tactical genius looking forward to a battle one day on the chess board.

Staff: What more can u say about some of the most legendary figures on the forum??

This side surely looks better than the real juve...i wonder what the outcome would be there??:D

Dude, did you clone me? :D

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
Aiight, here's my team :





Bench :


Staff :

Coach : Sergio
Ass. Manager : Mikhail
Physio : Pado


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Mar 9, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Zlatan ] ++

Dude, that aint really that fast. I guy I trained with went like 11 seconds for 100 meters.

19.5 is pretty slow.
actually your right.. Ok, im gonna get my time measured tomorrow. Or was it 15.9? Or perhaps 9.51 for 70 meters? argh im getting it measured!

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