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Apr 24, 2003
Don't know where to adress this so I will try here...
Went on Everyone.net site but it seems very strange....

Anyways I visited my juventuz.com email to find out all my post are gone every email I ever sent recived or moved to a folder everything has been clensed
is this something that often happens I think at least they should mention it or something, so that important files might be moved to other emails or downloaded......

Apart from that I have no problems with the mail apart from the fact that if you check in after a week there is at least 2 pages of spam mails waiting to be cleared.
Do they send spam on purpose (cause some of the spam mail has an address list that only includes juventuz.com accounts...)

Would be happy if I could recived anyt answerss
I usually use the mails for online registration and stuff because it is convinient and anonymous but now I couldn't get the confirmation sent from one site to the email....

Like to know what up?

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Dec 31, 2000
I really don't know what their policy is, I haven't supported these accounts for years and the only reason we still have that service visible on the site is that it works, not well but it does work at all. I have one of those accounts and I never use it.

If I were you I would just get a yahoo account instead.


Yea I know Martin I have those too
but I in theory the account is great
having an url like @juventuz.com
and also being able to choose a user nickname which in it self looks good is fun....

too bad their don't work all that well

thoough anyway thanks for your thoughts on the matter


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