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Minimiliano Tristelli
Mar 6, 2003
There are fresh rumours in Italy on Tuesday claiming that Juventus are ready to sell David Trezeguet this summer.

The Frenchman is only contracted to the outfit until 2005 but talks over an extension have yet to begin.

That has led to the belief that the Italian champions are ready to cash in on the striker who is looking for a pay rise.

Trezeguet reportedly earns around £1m a season - just a fraction of what some of the world’s other top strikers net.

Whispers claim that Juve would rather sell the 26-year-old than give in to his salary demands.

Chelsea were last week linked with a £25m move for the player, money that could be used by Juve to buy a cheaper replacement.

There presently seems to be three possible contenders to join the Bianconeri if Trez is sacrificed.

The first is Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovich. The 22-year-old Ajax ace is highly rated on the continent.

The second possibility is Bernardo Corradi who was already targeted in the summer. Lazio would sell the 27-year-old at the right price given their financial problems.

Another contender is Christian Vieri who seems to be coming to the end of his stint with Inter.

FootnaLL I talia

:down: well, everyday this rumour takes more and more credibility.
I am a fan of Trezeguet since his Monaco days, and with all his faults , i still support him...

But taking i consideration hat this article says..we will find good money to build up our defence...and who knows..maybe a very good striker to replace him, somone with more movility and so on.

If this will improveour team... well, lets go for it :down:

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Senior Member
Jan 31, 2003
Zlatan is good but he is different. not a pure finisher like trez, but he would give us more other than just finishing.

is this what we need? we have del piero and miccoli, not forgetting others who create. but then again, it would be nice to have our striker contributing a lot more also.

i wouldnt be upset if Zlatan joined.


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Jun 14, 2003
I have been a supporter of Trez in the past but now I wouldn't be sorry to see him go. Too often he does nothing in matches, if Juve are struggling to create then he is non existant.

I want someone who puts the opposition defenders under pressure and can act as a constant menace, from what I have seen of Corradi he fits the bill exactly. The Lazio midfield isn't exactly the most creative and against Juve, Corradi tormented the entire defence and was the biggest single factor in their 2-0 win. Juve could do with some of that this season.

I've heard Cavenagi's name a few times in connection with Juve, would Juve consider him as a replacement?


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Jun 3, 2003
One name we forgot to add to that list is Fernando Cavenaghi.
And personally, even though i think its a good amount of cash, but taking the current situation into account. This would be the wrong time to sell Trezeguet. Our attack is top notch, and he does bring with him fantastic poaching skill, something all the other Juve strikers lack, as they are more creative. Trezeguet is an out and out poacher who instinctively strikes in the box. We already have probs in defense, lets not create problems for ourselves in attack.


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Apr 3, 2003
i don't want trez to leave...

i am a huge fan of his and with all his mistakes and i am still....

many goals that "saved" juve were scoared by him ;)

he is a great player and i'll be incredibly sad if he leaves.
but i'll still be his fan-anyway,i think his salary demands are understandable....;)


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Jul 17, 2002
Yeah, Trez is a good striker.
I've heard that Barca is also interested at him too.

...and Vieri would comeback and replace him? Oh NO!:down:

Del Boy

New Member
Dec 24, 2003
WE have 2 keep trez he's a top striker but if we sell he we could get other striker for like zlatan or kuranyi but i would go for cavenaghi he is a wonderful striker and scored 57 goals in 97 games that the sort of striker wwe need and he has alot of assest 2 his name can he be the next henry!


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Jul 14, 2002
I want a striker whose finishing skills are tuned to near perfection but can offer support to his strike partner as well, even if all he does is hold the ball up, or make a few passes or maneouvers. If we had a player like this Nedved and Del Piero wouldn't need to be instrumentally creative every single game, but with Trezeguet in the line-up, if Neddy and DP don't play a great match, nothing happens because DT can't make chances for himself.

What seperates the world class strikers, ie. Henry, RVN, Ronaldo, from the good strikers, ie. Trezeguet, is that the world beaters can create for themselves. When there's no service to them they go roaming and make something happen. I want a player that can do these things in our starting XI, and sadly Trez isn't that player.


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Nov 1, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Del Boy ] ++
zlatan or kuranyi
both are cuptied.....

this is nonsense! again i say, who wud play for us in CL. i dont trust DV+DP that much...sorry......dont trust zala either. yes, trez doesnt create for himself, but he's got that killer instinct. i've studied all our strikers and noticed even DV doesnt have that. he thinks too much.....:down:


Minimiliano Tristelli
Mar 6, 2003
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    Its a very difficult situation... because in trezeguet we can earen a lot of money with his deal... but at the same time... he is scoring in almost every match. Our attacking line is doing fairly well this season.. and what would happen if we dont find the right replacement from him?

    i mean,, he is proved at juventus and serie A, in ytrezeguet we know that he wll score anytime.

    but well,, Lippi and Co will know what to do... i hope


    Senior Member
    Jul 14, 2002
    @Kaizer: We don't need to worry about who's cup-tied and who isn't because the rumours tell us that Moggi is willing to sacrifice Trez in the summer, not in January. Selling DT in January would be a foolish move because all of the top class European strikers who could replace him wouldn't be able to help us in the CL.


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    Jul 28, 2003
    selling Trez is a bad idea.. we are having a difficult time at the moment becoz of the aweful form of all the players.. we should not make crucial decisions right now.. we still have a long time to decide..

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