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Mar 4, 2003
Hi brothers,
I'm a Juve fans and I am looking for a web site with the latest Juventus news in English or Italian. I bookmarked gazzetta.it and sportal.it but they have only a few articles about Juventus and there is not an English version :frown:. Please give me some urls.

Forza Juve :D:D:D !!!!


P.S. What a splendid forum :cool:! Congratulations.

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Aug 26, 2002
As you didn't mind the Italian ones- here are a few more :) :




For the first two you need to register to get to see the latest news in full. No fees though. Both are rumour sites more than anything, but there are also the factuals at calciomercato especailly like for instance today that Pizarro and Iaquinta are suspended for Udinese. That kind of stuff comes up all the time. At calciomanager you occationally get more indepth things- like for instance info on all the Juve youngsters who won the Viareggio tournament yesterday. Otherwise that's the tranfer rumour paradise (or hell- you decide).

Datasport is realiable with their news, and have a very extensive coverage of statistics and ratings for serie A. Good to get a peak at players you don't know that well for instance, and get an idea of what their form is like although ratings of course don't give the full or 'true' picture.



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Dec 20, 2002
I agree with nina. Football Italia on Channel4.com is the best site for me. It updates on the dot and never misses a thing. It's really great. You need to have this on your bookmarks if you wanna be the first to know.


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Mar 4, 2003
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    Thank you friends,
    now I have a long list of Juventus News sites. I bookmarked the best sites using three different folders and I added a short comment:

    Juventus News in Italian

    Gazzetta dello Sport - Juventus Gazzetta dello Sport is the leading sport newspaper in Italy. The online version is good but the print edition is another planet. If you can, buy the print edition with its great pink pages.

    Sportal.it The Italian Sportal site has plenty of articles on Italian football and of course Juve; try the News Scanner.

    Datasport Calcio a news service very authoritative

    Rai Sport RAI is the public TV and radio channel in Italy. Unfortunately the site has only a few articles and they are not very updated.

    Calciomercato.com transfer rumours and little more. In my opinion this site is very poor.

    Juventus News in Italian and English

    FC Italia - Juventus if you really wants to be "bombed" with news... The site is focused on Juve, Inter, Milan, Lazio and Roma.

    Juventus.com you know it, I suppose...

    SoccerAge-Rete.it good site but I think it is overvalued. Poor graphics.

    Juventus News in English

    Channel 4 - Football Italiaa great site for Italian football fans. If you can, buy also the magazine.

    Planet Football superb graphics and great content: a bible!

    Juventuz.com Great community!

    Sporting Life a simple site very updated and usable.

    Soccer Way good site but not remarkable.

    If you have any suggestion, please post it.

    Jul 12, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by Alex'74 ] ++

    Oh, scuse me, I forgot Soccernet.
    The site is authoritative and has some good articles.

    However at present I prefer FC Italia, Channel 4, Gazzetta, Planet Football and, of course, Juventuz.com

    It's my daily routine :D:D

    Very well, I was just joking about forgeting me, Soccernet is mostly England but when they do get around to Italy they are very reliable about it.

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