Juve wants to sell Maresca!???? (1 Viewer)


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Feb 4, 2003
I cannot blieve this, I heard that Juve wants to sell Maresca. I think that Maresca is the only positive thing this season. But I hope this is all wrong.

You might ask your self, where did I hear that. The answer is: Soccerage :"Enzo Maresca (Juventus)-Why are Juve thinking of selling him?"

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Mar 16, 2004
I just read on channel4.com that Lippi says Maresca will be a star for Juve next season, which means he will not be sold. I don't even look at soccerage.com anymore.


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Jul 28, 2002
SOCCERAGE are not that bad, but as they produce other team website they areouta date...and btw ive checked Socccerage, cant find anytthing about enzo leaving.


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Dec 31, 2002
I remember the first time I saw him play it was few years ago and I saw someone with great potential I remember myself saying that he will be one of the greatest players in the world with the time.

Well now I don`t know if he is gonna be one of the greatest players in the world but a great player he surely is!
Sep 14, 2003
There's a chance Enzo's contract could be re-newed this week, he's been offered around 1.5M Euros per year but wants closer to 2M Euros - and some assurance he'll play more(Who can give him that though?)


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Mar 6, 2003

He is not a world beater... but enzo surely add that "spark" we lack sometimes..

As i said before..... he can turn in the future to be a "zambrotta" in level of importance for the team...and who knows...maybe if he train harder..he can specialize in one position to be a very good player.

In personal, i think that he will not find room in the attacking secion... but if he practise more in the MD positions..... together with his passes a great freekicks he can be a greta gr3ta player.
Sep 1, 2002
WE won't be selling him but a half share deal to Parma rumour has me thinking if it could be true.

we are after some of there players. The defender would be nice.


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Jul 28, 2002
i dont want to sell enzo period half share or nothing. He gives us class and character we dont have. Imo, with any luck he could turn out to be bettere than what we all expected. Who expected pirlo to become the premier playmaking dm?? Hopefully enzo will become something of great importance to juve, the heart and balance to our midifield.

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