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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Mac ] ++
tell me about it.

What i hate is how they wait, they just wait until your about to step on them before they fly away. Which usually means i have to kinda stop my walk a bit and that makes me look silly.
I hate seagulls too. When you go to the beach and grab urself some fish and chips, they all flock towards you and stand there screeching "AAAH AAGGH HAHGG"

Then there's those dumbasses who throw scraps to them, making them all excited and bugging you even more.


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Apr 3, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Vicky ] ++
i was leaving when i was typing that last one up so i didn't have time to explain myself
what i'm saying is that :
you care about what you look like
she cares about the designer and how money her clothes cost

i understand that neither of you made that money but she seems to be proud of being rich, which is stupid because she simply got lucky ....
maybe it's not ever her fault, but still ......

cut that shit :) do you really care if some prick's gonna think you look gay ? i hope not
you like it - buy it
i used to be all like " eww that looks gay and this looks gay" and then i started hanging out with people that look gay (guys of course ) and i think i got some of that gayness in my blood now and i don't even find things like " bright blue glittery belt" gay anymore
yes,lucky.very lucky.
in all those years we are friends....
nothing bad has happened it her life...
she has soooo happy life that i am simply jelous.
she is very prettyy and has endless number of boys chasing her,she has very thin and trained body, blue eyes,blond hair,her parents have soooooo much money,her boyfriend adores her,she has soooo many friends,a wonderful sister,a loving family...what else??

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