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Apr 21, 2003
++ [ originally posted by «ƒÕ®zå JüV€» ] ++

come on this is so cute there trying to say that we care about our gurl fans aswell! :D
Actually they're trying to say that they care about their wallets and want to use girls who think those things are cute and sexy.


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Jul 11, 2002
Its nice.

For nike to have made clothing that actually looks good is really something.

And i mean i like it for girls, not for me :D

Actually i never wear sports brands. Only when im doing sports. Otherwise it just dosent look good, you need to take a bit of effort in appearence, tracksuits just dont cut it :D


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Apr 24, 2003
the fact that it says JUVE GIRLS makes me not want to buy it. AT ALL.

Although I liked that last thing, it'd be very useful because I always go to the beach


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Apr 3, 2003
i won't say now that i would never ever buy smg like this because i have to admit that i like them sooo much....

they are veery feminine and would fit wonderfully to my clothes....

they are extremelly cute but when this summer i'll go to turin and visit the juventus store,i won't buy these....
but smg more JUVENTUS.
something BLACK&WHITE.

like this:

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