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Apr 5, 2004
Yes he is a "young star", but when i say Van der Vaart to other football fans, they have not heard of him, but when he goes to a big team he will probably be a star. Its all a matter of definition, it should'nt be too easy to be called a star either!
Sep 28, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Adrian ] ++
VDV is a young star. saying that no one knows him only means that they dont know their football very well. Van der Vaart is one of the best young footballers in europe right now.
well, it depends really. joaquin is also young star. but is he a star like zidane, davids, figo or del piero. vdv is not a superstar.

did you go to radiohead shows in autralia?
Aug 1, 2003
I think he did :D

Joaquin is a superstar? Wow, didn't know that. I mean, I know him and his football, just not his superstar status.

Yeah, VDV is more credible in that way Fli (sorry, too used to the name Fliakis). But I still don't mind getting Sneijder instead though :D
Jul 12, 2002
First of all, to say that Van der Vaart is not a star is foolish. His name is known around the world, because he plays on the Dutch National Team, and because he led Ajax deep into the Champion's League. He's not a star of Zidane's level, but he is still young. Joaquin is about as well known as Van der Vaart, so anybody who is saying that they are on different levels is a bit off.

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