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Aug 11, 2002

here is my newest Juve compilation (DOWNLOAD )

it is 200 mb, 45 mins, wmw format.

it contains: Baggaio goals, Zidane goals, Juve - Ajax 96 higlights, Milan - Juve 1-6 Highlights, Super Cup 2003 Celebrations, Scudetto 25 & 27 Celebrations, Juve - Milan CL Final Higlights, some of the best juve goals from past few seasons, Juve - PSG 1997, Juve - River 1997, and some great music.........

it took me 8 hours to make this compilation, i think that this is the best Juve compilation yet.......

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Cuadrado is juan hell of a derby king!
Oct 27, 2004
WOHOOOOO!!! Im downloading it right now!!
Fondy you are the greatest! I cant wait to see it :D


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Aug 11, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by Ibrahimovic9 ] ++
    what kind of computers ya got?
    it would take me 3 days to download something like 200mgb
    you have to have good internet speed (like DSL or Cable).........

    Gino Genesio

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    Nov 14, 2004
    ok i will give my apinion,

    they have said that mine Juve compilation isent really a Compilation,
    so if mine isent a compilation than this is also really not a compilation, this is more a documentary about Juve,its not bad , i love some parts of your "compilation"
    but there are things that is just not right, like somewere there is like 2min no Video why?
    and the champions leageu final about Juve-ajax is a sort compilation that somebody els made also the milan - juve 1-6 part i like the heartbead and all but that's work from somebody els.
    and some parts you have good quality ans sometime's really bad.
    and that first song JUVE JUVE, i think all the non juve fans think that song S ucks,your chose was better when it was Inno juventus tu sei la squadra del quore (FORZA LA JUVE LA JUVE LA JUVE ALLé....)

    nex time donwload some move's about Delpiero zlatan,... download some save's from Buffon and download some Goals choose Your music and put some effext in Your compilation, dont get me wrong man i enjoyed your documentairy :D i really did .
    but if You look what Footyfanatic Did with ronaldinho clips than you know what i mean!

    and ok 8hours is much but believe me that is not that much for a compilation mine took me some days and if i see footyfanatic his compilation i think he made it in a couple of monts.

    the trick is to be pation (cant spell that :D )
    and tho put your own carracter in it

    so i liket it , but i know the nex time you make a Juventus compilation than its MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER because you have Juve love and People with JUVE LOVE can make GREAT THINGS ;)

    so make another one and make time in it i am also making another 1 and its taking VERY VERY LONG ;)

    ciao Forza Juventus ;)

    cheers Fondy ;)


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    Apr 22, 2003
    Looking forward to seeing this one, maybe I'll get some inspiration for the end-of-season compilation I've got planned ;)

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