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Jul 27, 2015
he was diagnosed on the 5th of january, so with a negative test, he can play on the 17th. according to some reports, he haven't had any symptoms a couple of days ago.
That could actually be great news altough i'm not so sure how likely it is that he will start right away but even having him as an option from the bench could prove to be decisive, really hope that he'll be available one way or the other.


Mysterious Harmony
Aug 2, 2005
He has recovered. Tested negative. Could he play tonight?
not in the squad, so probably he can't
FI news report says YES he is added to squad list

Juan Cuadrado carried out, as per protocol, two controls of the molecular test (swab) for Covid-19 with negative results," Juventus' official statement reads.
"Therefore, the player has recovered and is no longer subjected to the isolation regime. He will join the team in the Reggio Emilia training camp on the same day and will be included in the squad list for tonight's match"

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