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Apr 25, 2013

The Cuad RB advocates :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: Like the dumbest idea of any ideas on tuz regarding any player
Oh look. A Juventino who still disparages Marotta in 2018.

You're quite confident for one.



Mar 6, 2003

I adore Cuadrado, but he is indeed a Jekyll or Hyde type of player. Part of the charm, I guess :D

We know he'll have performances like this one, but soon he will wow us again.
I would prefer someone who is a guarantee and we know what we will get everygame, instead of a random player who isnt that good to start with


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Mar 22, 2010
He has been one of our best players the past few seasons. Give the man some slack, he is always the first to get lynched, even if he isn't the worst. While he was on yesterday, all our play went through him as he is our best passer and most secure on the ball. But creating our chances from fullback is not super easy against such a packed side. Usually he will assist with a perfect cross, but let's not lynch him in a single game he doesn't. He is super versatile, running his ass off, never complains and he plays amazing in the big games when we are under pressure and have space up front. He will again be super important for us, although age will start to catch up.
Apr 9, 2015
It's time, now is the time you know it would come. Cuadrado is overtaken by his concurrents and now he is a experiment as right-back. His style doesn't suit the new Juventus. We have now a selection that we need to dominate every match. Cuadrado is a counter player, his attributes are his pace and (defensive) workrate. Techincal he is good as well, but his decisionmaking fucks it up. He is not good in a 1 v 1 and he is not creative enough. The only thing he can do when we dominates the play is pass back or cross (and his crossing ability is not superior). As I said he is overtaken by his concurrents who are far better players with smaller gaps. Especially Douglas Costa, he is an upgraded Cuadrado.

If he wants to play, he should leave. If he agrees the bench and only come in a counter match he should stay, but I think he could be a star by a counter-attacking subtop team.

I know I am had and have a lot of critism on him. But I like him for sure and he brought us some important goals and assists.

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He was/is and always be a bad choice for a game like that. Juan doesn’t operate without free space, he is bad at possession, always was.
He doesn't suit our system anymore. We are now playing other football than in our previous years. Against minnows we will play against a wall and even against the better Serie A clubs we will dominate in possesion, i am sure.


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Jul 26, 2007
Good rotational player to have, one game he'll not be able to get a cross right and then he'll decide the next one with a brilliant play, thats the kind of player Juan is

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