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May 25, 2019
Terrible decision to sell. This idea that "he can't defend" is quite overblown and seems to be something that people just blindly repeat.

I'm not saying he's the best defensive fullback but our defensive record in the first half of last season with him was incredible. We barely conceded any goals and most we did were Bonucci's fault. Our two worst defensive performances in the CL (Atletico away and Ajax home) also came with MDS starting over him.

Costa staying fit and being in top form down the right would offset some of the damage from his departure, but unless that miracle happens, this decision will hurt us.


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Sep 20, 2011
I agree. Selling him is a big mistake. De Ligt will absolutely provide the security he needs, and also a younger midfield.

He's one of (or the most) skilled and quick right back in the world, at 26 yrs old.. do not do this. Give him another try. Fullbacks make all the difference nowadays.

If we have to sell someone to raise money, I'd rather let Alex Sandro go. I think he's just not driven enough.

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If we are selling Cancelo it's because Sarri use a defensive right back who stays deep opposite to a very attacking Left back.
And we all know by now that he can't defend.

The fact that cancelo value is too high to sit on the bench and he wont be used much in his natural position makes his sale a no brainer.

The only way he stays is if Sarri decide to use him as a pure winger , he just dosnt fit as a RB in his system.
I think you are right on the money. Didn't follow him at chelsea, but Sarri strikes me as a guy who, stubborn as a good Italia, Conte-like, will go to the grave using the same methods that led him to success. I do think he will want to mirror Napoli, so that's why he'd go for a more defensive RB. Makes sense. I just hope this is not really the case and they call off the deal.
Feb 12, 2006
60 mill for cancelo to fund De Ligt is a no brainer. We have players like Spinazzola who has a far better balance and consistency about him than Cancelo does can adequately fill his role. De Ligt on the other hand is a once in a generation player. All hail Lord Paratici for this glorious deal :delpiero:

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