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Ertuğrul Oğlu Osman
Oct 20, 2004
"Do you want to have the chance to choose the new song that will echo across the Allianz Stadium from 2020 for each goal scored?

You can do it as of today, thanks to Socios.com, the first mobile app in the world for fan voting and rewards, with whom Juventus have partnered.

Juventus Fan Tokens are available now on Socios.com, at a price of around €2 per token. A limited number of Fan Tokens will be available for free, through the augmented reality feature of the App, "Token Hunt".

Only those fans who are in possession of Fan Tokens, will be able to vote and decide which of these songs will become the new official Juventus celebration song"

@lgorTudor, if you know what i mean.
What a stupid idea ....

And those Apps programmers never short of ideas to make money ....
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Feb 20, 2016
Remember it's not the whole song being played. They just need like a 5 second clip of something up-beat and energetic.

Blink 182 is pretty out of place though. Whiniest, most annoying vocalist ever.
Not that it's a great song, but "Boom" would do a great job of hyping us up after scoring.


Mar 30, 2003
All of the choices suck tbh.

If I had to choose I think it would be Jump around and then boom. Song 2 is too cliche and will get annoying fast. All the small things while being my favourite song out of the options just doesn't fit.
Feb 12, 2006
All The Small Things doesn't work at all.

I suppose Song 2 is along the same shitty lines as Chelsea Dagger. Wasn't it on FIFA 97 or some shit though?
I think it was fifa 98, It'll be that woohoo bit, I know another team in serie A has the same one, cant remember who though. Would have liked something a bit newer even if it is a classic. Bayern have a cool one.

I'd vote for "Song 2" by Blur; it has the "oh shit you just got owned dawg!" feel about it :D
You mean the bit at the end of the song where it goes "ooooh yeaaah"? Imagine that bit tagged at the end if the celebration song :D

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