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Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
The match against the swedish team(for gods sake i don't even know their name), is the the match that would define how the whole season is going to be .
Am not talking about the dojjy ways of the juve directors when it came to transfers, it just disgusts me, we as fans deserve better.

Now back to the match i hope that Alex can give his best , because i think he will be the guy that could change everything in the match.

also i would like to see thuram in his best form cuz he can make things better in the defence .

i want to see this formation:




its important that blasi covers zambro cuz we want to give him a little freedom from defensive duties. and we want to give olivera a little freedom also so brindeli must cover olivera's place.

and blasi is gonna have a big task on his hands, cuz i think he is gonna have to cover neddy's defensive duties as well for most of emerson.

As for the defence i chose ferrara cuz i think we need more experience in defense.

And if we have any trouble scoring olivera should be immedietly subbed by miccoli.

Another option is to start with KAPO and then u can sub him with olivera for more offensive edge


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Aug 13, 2004
I dont expect anything, but i hope they have learned their lesson since last match, and that they give their best, then it should be no problem.
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