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Nov 24, 2004

Federation President Carlo Tavecchio wants Napoli, Milan, Inter and others to revamp stadiums rather than build new ones.

So far in Serie A, only Juventus, Sassuolo and Udinese have ownership of their stadiums, as all other clubs rent them from the local council.

Milan recently abandoned plans to build a new arena, while Napoli and the local council have battled for years over who will pay for refurbishment work at the Stadio San Paolo.

“Would it not be easier to fix up 20 stadiums of national interest rather than build a cloud of new cement?” argued FIGC President Tavecchio.

“Why bother going to create new spaces if we have them right here? How can a city like Napoli think of building a new stadium in a different zone?

“We must find a way to fix what is already there.”

Juve and Udinese succeeded in getting a 99-year lease on the land where the existing stadium was and rebuilt it to modern standards.

Many of the arenas in Italy have not been touched since the 1990 World Cup, but councils and clubs rarely agree on who is to pay for the refurbishment work.

Tavecchio also commented on the reliance of Italian clubs on pay-per-view television rights.

“They are manna from Heaven, but I don’t know for how long. We must indicate alternative revenue streams to maintain a system that is currently too exposed to the whims of TV rights.”


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Aug 23, 2015
What an idiot. First he is obsessed about the amount of foreigners in the league, and now this? No wonder the league never takes a step forward. Although, it is proving to be very difficult to get anything built at a new location in Italy. Even Roma are struggling to get their stadium started despite the wide spread support for the idea.

il brutto

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Jun 6, 2015
I like Cagliari, good for them.

There really are some well run teams in Italy after all. Juventus, Sassuolo, Empoli, Udinese and Cagliari to rule the Serie A in the future.

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