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Sep 5, 2005
Serie A 2015-16 schedule


Sunday 23/08/2015

Mid-week rounds

Wednesday 23/09/2015

Wednesday 28/10/2015

Wednesday 06/01/2016

Wednesday 03/02/2016

Wednesday 20/04/2016


Sunday 06/09/2015

Sunday 11/10/2015


Sunday 27/12/2015

Sunday 03/01/2016

Sunday 27/03/2016


Sunday 15/05/2016

The date for the Supercup was confirmed as Saturday 08/08/2015, with Sunday 16/08/2015 as a reserve date.

Also confirmed was the Coppa Italia schedule for next season.

Coppa Italia 2015-16 schedule

First elimination round - Sunday 02/08/2015

Second elimination round - Sunday 09/08/2015

Third elimination round - Saturday 15/08/2015

Fourth elimination round - Wednesday 02/12/2015

Last 16 - Wednesday 16/12/2015

Quarter-finals - Wednesday 20/01/2016

Semi-finals (first leg) - Wednesday 10/02/2016

Semi-finals (second leg) - Wednesday 02/03/2016

Final - TBA


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Apr 9, 2015
Hopefully Bologna draws or wins against Pescara tomorrow, so we get them back in Serie A. I am also very excited to Frosinone and Carpi. Maybe they will loan some of our youth players? I think Carpi is too small for Serie A so they wil relegate next season. Frosinone can stand in, they play in their own stadium, have great supporters and a bigger budget than Carpi. It will be hard though.

And I will follow what MerdaInter, Napoli and Milan will do on transfermarkt.


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Dec 31, 2000
“With me, Milan have won five Champions League and European Cup titles, whereas Juventus have only won one of their five finals.”
you think it's a coincidence that we won the first and then stopped?

we just love that silver medal more. nothin wrong with that


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Apr 14, 2013
Milan with Mihajlovic and a good mercato :)lol:) should be quite dangerous in challenging for the CL spots. Napoli is losing their coach, their star striker and some others very likely. they will need to rebuild and might struggle at the start. Roma and Lazio are the best teams besides us if they keep all their players. Inter is still a mystery, doubt they can pull of a good enough mercato to challenge for CL spots with their FFP troubles. and then there is always Fiorentina. wonder what they'll do in the summer. they arent buying Salah as i read and Gomez might leave them. whats the situation with Rossi? also will be interesting to follow the Genoa clubs next season after they had very good current ones...

prediction: Juve, Roma, Milan/Lazio, Lazio/Milan, Napoli, Inter, Fiorentina/Sampdoria...

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If they get jackson, they would treaten our scudetto?
no chance. they are way too unbalanced a team to threaten us


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Apr 9, 2015
After signing Wesley Hoedt (AZ) & Ravel Morrison (West Ham), Lazio signed now Patric from Barcelona. He is a 22 year Spanish centre back.
I don't know of they pay Barca a transferfee but i think he is like Hoedt and Morrison free agent.


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Mar 6, 2003
Rossi said he was ready to play the last game. So he will be fully fit from the start of the season.

I have the feeling he will be huge this time. Maybe this will be his season. If he can stay healthy
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