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Jan 24, 2004

today I need your help. As the subject suggests this topic won't belong to the world of football. I study media courses. In journalism lectures we started a project about coverage referring to the torture pictures aired by CBS "60 minutes II". After pictures were broadcasted on 28th of april the whole media branche exploded world wide. Suddenly every newspaper/ TV channel reported day in day out about happenings in Abu Ghraib. But the questions is: Didn't they know about the tortures/pictures before? Why did all media treated the "breaking news" as something totally recent? Didn't they realized that reports (and even pictures) were published in sommer/fall 2003 but somehow nobody mentioned it in that way it is done now? What went wrong?

To set on with that project I need an international overview about coverage after april 28th. Well, I ask you to name me 2-3 leading media of your country. Those news shows or newspapers/ magazines which have got the highest quota or circulation are decisive. It would be great, if you can also offer a link (every language is ok - English favored) each medium.

Country: Germany
Media: TV - Tagesschau ( ...

Maybe the coverage in your country was totally different from the one here in Germany. Perhaps you know the month (or date)/ newspaper/ radio station or TV show when you saw/read/listened to reports/ pictures about torture in Iraq for the first time - maybe before april 28th? I'm also interrested in those facts.

Thanks for attention and help!

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Jul 25, 2001
Country: Netherlands
Media: TV - RTL4 Nieuws []

You can e-mail them to request videos of broadcasts here:

They'll understand English, everyone in this country does. The date of which these messages have been broadcasted is usually the same as the UK or the US, sometimes one day later.

It may also interest you because its completely opposite from Germany - the Netherlands of course supported the war and we currently have 1500 troops in Iraq so we are bound to have a different view, in the media as well.

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