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Mar 9, 2007
Hello everybody,

Within two weeks I will be having an interview with Alessio Tacchinardi. I have already gathered a lot of good questions, however I would love to have some support of real insiders like you!

What would you ask Alessio if you would have him in front. All questions will be considered!

Thanks in advance.

Daniel Cabot-Kerkdijk (I hope this is not considered spam)


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Oct 2, 2001
are we "real insiders"?? wow I feel proud :weee:

If he was infront of me, I would ask for some cash :)


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Jan 14, 2005
Does he think that Juve is innocent of the accusations that led to the relegation?? And does he think he will be a starter in Juve when he comes back??


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Nov 11, 2006
are we "real insiders"?? wow I feel proud :weee:

If he was infront of me, I would ask for some cash :)
And so the next day's headlines would be " A Juventino Millionaire is begging for cash" :p

Back to topic, I would like to ask him; does he want to end his career in Juventus or if the black and white days are just from his nice past?


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Sep 16, 2005
Welcome to the forum, Daninho. :smile: Of course when you have interviewed him it would be a pleasure if you posted the questions and answers here on this forum (in English of course). That would just be swell! :tup:

My questions for Alessio:

Do you think Juventus will win Lo Scudetto in 2008?

What do you think Juventus should do during the summer transfer market to make the team ready to win Lo Scudetto next season?


Nov 26, 2006
Is he definitely coming back to stay?

Will he be a starter?

What is a realistic target for Juventus for next season?

Any particular players he would like Juve to sign?


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May 14, 2004
1.The fans want you back Alessio!

2. Do you prefer La Liga or Serie A?

3. What was your relation with Moggi?

4. Is Juventus still the team of your heart?

5. Do you have contact with DD? Did you talk to him before he was the coach?

6. What do you think of Paro and Marchisio? Are they concurrents for you?

7. Was Villareal a one-season wonder?

8. How good is Ronaldinho? Any chance he'll go to Milan?

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