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Jul 12, 2002
i bet that this game is spectacular, but like martin says, when i can't play it, it's hard to care.

i have iss 2000 on my n64, and it's the best football game i've played


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Jul 28, 2002
well, i unbelieveably have every fifa....shock horror, excluding the useless special aditions (wc 98, euro 2000 etc)

I also have pes, and Iss pro 2, imo Iss and PES are the best , fifa is good, but Iss beats the hell out of it in all sections barring graphical scoring.

Gameplay is the most realistic of all, if u play football and watch football as most of us do in this forum, if you play both fifa's and Iss/PES u will understand why the games (iss, PEs) are superior.
Sep 3, 2002
Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the greatest. I can't wait for Pro 2 to be released in the UK. Is it true that u can design your own kit and badge for a Master League team?



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Oct 30, 2001
ISS2 rocks on the gamecube!

Nino.Brown, I've heard about that as well (designing your own kit) that is gonna be one great game!


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Sep 8, 2002
i haven't played ISS in a while ...


IMO knoami winning eleven 6 is the best in the market now ..

it's kinda like ISS i heared but it's better ...

unfortunatally ..

i couldn't find it thru the web or in the market here in the us ..


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Jul 23, 2002
I really hate FIFA it is the only PC Game

And FIFA 99

Was Very close to ISS and EVoltion

but since then nobody cared to buy Fifa2000. Which made the developers (EA) who only think about how to profit.....
Put out FIFA 2001 as a shitty game with the crossing function being the only way to score almost....

this incase lead to that Fifa 2002 the crossing became almost impossible to score on
and all that mattered where the stupid runs and through balls.

While Konami has always maintained a high class in gameplay always focussing to make the experience realistic and good
and not to pay
for the License of names and Competitions......

All Power to the gameplay.......

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