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Jan 24, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Erik ] ++

Yes but what good is one of the world's best strikers when he doesn't show it for the National Team? None of them have shown anything so far! Except for one measly match against a crummy Scottish side on home soil...

Is that what I should base my hopes on? One match played in November? I think I'll pass :(

... Wouldn't you agree the answer to that question is currently 'no'?
You can't answer that question without having seen the first match against us. "Will they be in shape on time ?" After the clash on 6/15 you'll know wether they are in good form. Imagine, you win against us with 3:0. No bloody ass will speak about the friendly against Ireland. Dutch newspapers will be full with hymns and emotionalism (like "WE beat them" and " "Rudis Giants" too small for us").

Having Germany as first opponent is the best circumstance for the Netherlands. I wish it would be also the other way around - but that's not the case.

And didn't show the Scotland match that your players can seize a chance - even it is the last one? Some people need pressure to start with efficient work. And the rivalry will be pressure enough (for both sides).


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Jul 25, 2001
I hope so, I really do. But I wouldn't be Dutch if I didn't feel absolutely terrible right now, and I am not merely referring to the hangover resulting from heavy depression drinking last night.


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Jan 24, 2004
Erik, good news for you!! :D

vice worldchampion - Hungary 0:2

oh my God!! Do we rock, yeah we least it was quite entertaining... :thumb:

On 6/15 the worst teams will play against each other. Don't miss it!

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