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Dec 31, 2000
One codec pack I found very useful lately is the Gordian Knot Codec Pack.

Gordian Knot rippack 0.28 - contains basic software to do SBC, DivX5 and XviD encoding as described in my guides - contains DVDDecrypter, vStrip 0.8f CSS, DVD2AVI 1.76 CLI, BeSweet 1.5b16, vsfilter, Decomb 4.02, fluxxmooth, Convolution3D, Deen, TomsMoComp, AviSynth 2.51 4/16, VobSub 2.23, VirtualDubMod,and Nandub RC2 lumafix ecffix, AviMuxGUI 1.13, chapterXtractor 0.962 and Robot4Rip 0.4.

Gordian Knot Codec Pack 1.1 - audio and video codecs for GKnot encoding if you don't have it already - contains DivX3.11alpha, DivX5.02 Pro, DivX5.05 Pro, XviD Koepi 05042003-1, Huffyuv, AC3Filter 0.6.8b, mpgaudioax, Morgan Stream Switcher and ffdshow alpha 2003-04-22.

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