I'm truly sorry Martin: Giuly Set To Become Barca's Second Summer Signing (1 Viewer)


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Jun 9, 2003
05/29/2004. Barcelona could wrap up the signing of Monaco's French international Ludovic Giuly in the next few hours.

TV3 have announced that Barca have reached an agreement with the player and the club, although the Catalan outfit denied this to Spanish daily Marca.

It is actually thought that they have practically agreed terms with the player, although there is still a slight disagreement with Monaco on the price. The French want 10 million euros, but Barca are keen to pay less.

Barca's other two transfer objectives for next week are Sao Paolo's Luis Fabiano and Julio Baptista of Sevilla.

The club have already concluded a deal for Villarreal's Juliano Belletti.
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Dec 31, 2000
Are you kidding, I'm very happy about this. It's clear that Monaco can't afford to keep all the best players, it was a matter of time. And he's always said he'd most like to play in Spain so I'm very happy he's getting a real chance at a big club, rather than ending up at a mediocre place instead. This is the chance of a lifetime for him, if he takes it he'll have it all, otherwise he'll be just another one who came and failed. But that's how it works.


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Dec 31, 2000
++ [ originally posted by Fliakis ] ++
am i the only one who thinks that he will fail there?

also what annoys me that i dont see trez's name in barca's wishlist. that's bad :(
Well you never know who will make it and who won't.
Sep 28, 2002
++ [ originally posted by sallyinzaghi ] ++
true. but personally I would've preferred it if Giuly stayed at Monaco.

Trez's name isn't in barca's wishlist? :cheesy:

btw Fli, why do you think he'll fail there?
imo he shone with monaco because of deschamps tactics and because monaco werent just bunch of individuals ala inter or real. they were strong unit as a team. giuly isnt really THAT talented. so i believe he wont adapt very well there, like van der mayde didnt at inter. i would also prefer him at monaco. or an english team.


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Nov 10, 2003
just what Barca needed, another short striker......maybe Barca can play him and Saviola together so that they look much more taller.....

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